back to article Space Shuttle Endeavour heads for the skies

Endeavour lifts off. Credit: NASA Endeavour lifts off. Credit: NASA NASA has described the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as "flawless". The shuttle blasted off from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida late last night (UK time), starting its 14 day mission to the International Space Station without a hitch. The space …


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  1. Jasmine Strong


    "This is the first time Endeavour has flown since 2002, and is the second of four missions to the ISS NASA hopes to run this year. The shuttle has been totally overhauled, and NASA managers say it is practically a new spacecraft."

    Oh yeah. Really, really reusable, that Shuttle.

  2. Paul Kinsler Silver badge


    Why not just "masses 1.58 tonnes" ... a description accurate in all gravitational field strengths.

  3. MattW

    Where would we be without

    armies of anally retentive pedants to put us right.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really pretty picture...

    "It will take home a similar quantity of junk."

    Oh, the fridge and the laptop couldn't wait Endeavour overhaulin'.

    Coat, mobile, wallet...

  5. Geoff Johnson


    Glad to see the SI units in use here. Where would we be without the "Small car" to measure against.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: "weighs"?

    Accurate, but lame at all pedantic field strengths.

  7. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Why not just "masses 1.58 tonnes"

    Because your average non-physicist / applied mathematician wouldn't understand the terminology.

  8. Ian Ferguson


    I'm glad they're bringing back their rubbish for a change. Good PR if nothing else.

    If they can prove that the pilot is sober and none of the crew are stalkers, a good result all round for their press office.

    P.S. Can we have a Register login cookie to save us typing in username and password for every comment?

  9. Steve


    Where's the NASA sense of private enterprise? That's not junk, it's potential eBay profit :)

    One slightly-used solar panel, genuine micro-meteor holes, be the envy of your neighbo(u)rs and help save the environment...

  10. Dave

    What happens in the ISS, stays in the ISS

    I'm sorry, but if I was her, I'd be looking to join the 250 mile-high club.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Carbon footprint

    Look at all that smoke! What's it doing to the environment? Al Gore must be hopping mad.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Yeah, that would be nice. A single one, so one doesn't have to allow for them all the time.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "it is roughly the size of a small car"

    Is than an American small car or a UK small car?

  14. A. Merkin

    ...Totally Overhauled

    Can you please include an updated picture? I'd like to see more of the pimped-out detailing on Endeavor. Those chromed solid fuel boosters with yellow neon running lights are teh shiznit! Although the giant American and Dixie flags sticking out the shuttle bay and the big yellow "support our killbots" sticker on the bumper were a bit much...

  15. Michael

    Pimped out shuttle...

    Just wait until they install the hydraulics, spinners, and of course, the new stereo!!

  16. chris


    Comments on this story just seem to be made for the sake of it, rather than having anything to add. Well, that's my 2cents worth, anyway.

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