back to article AMD passes the collection plate again

AMD is hoping to keep the debt collector at bay by selling $1.5bn worth of convertible senior notes. The company will use the money, along with cash on hand, to repay the outstanding balance on a $2.5bn loan obtained from Morgan Stanley Senior Funding back in October 2006 to acquire ATI. AMD will give the initial purchaser a …


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  1. Michael Compton

    More than they can chew

    Its becoming painfully obvious AMD spent far to much to acquire ATI and are stuck with hugh debit, and debit is never cheap no matter what way u paint it.

    They really should have went with some sort of partnership if at all possible.

  2. Will Leamon


    And where the hell are those GPUs on a CPU anyway? Wasn't that the whole reason for the takeover?

  3. Nigel

    Flog ATI to clear the debt and focus on the processor market

    Create another Intel beater like the Athlon 64 once was...


  4. Jags

    AMD needs new leadership

    AMD needs a new leader/CEO who can deliver the real products than just whinning...

    Don't just keep releasing future plans & benchmarks, start selling 'silicon' as PC makers won't be able to build systems on just benchmarks they would need real silicon...

  5. Robert Long

    Damn him, damn him to hell!

    That Hugh Debit, he's just too expensive with his fancy consultancy and his paint.

  6. Mark


    It does seem that AMD has taken up higher debt at a time when interest rates are on the rise and the dollar is falling (I'm not sure what the effect of the latter is, but I suspect that it's not good overall)

  7. C M


    If AMD bites the dust, Intel can put their price's right back up again, if it wasn't for AMD pushing Intel up to last year, they'd still be expecting us to buy 32bit chips. This is bad news

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    over extended beyond wont end well

    Any debt number in $Billions is tuff for any company, let alone one that is in a fielce price war, in a market that has ASPs dropping through the floor, massive fixed costs, erroding margins and fierce competition... If Intel is struggling to hold its margins and profitability what chance does AMD have. Look at the financials of the other silicon manufacturers - they all tell the same story. The only way out of this for AMD is to be aquired.... if the stock continues to fall i can see that happening...IBM or even worse somone with strong ambitions (and cash) like Asus... or another ODM.

  9. Mike

    Time for Debt

    "It does seem that AMD has taken up higher debt at a time when interest rates are on the rise and the dollar is falling (I'm not sure what the effect of the latter is, but I suspect that it's not good overall)"

    I'm not an MBA, but it seems like the time to take higher debt is when interest rates are on the rise. The alternative is after they've risen.

    As far as the dollar, I'd think that probably helps them. (As long as the debt is in dollars.)

  10. Bince

    It Certainly Figures....

    Jerry Sanders has aways been a staunch supporter of slamming and ridiculing Intel. I know this as I once worked at the pathetic place. Well Jerry, what do you have to say now? You brought in YOUR Lord and savior- Hector Ruiz and looks like your ignorant move has resulted in driving your company DEEPER in debt- LOL!!! I'm glad I sold my stock and haven't looked back! Anyone out there with AMD stock, you HAD BEST sell it or you'll be in the red like AMD and er, uh SPANSION! Looks like Intel is hammering your spin off company into the ground also. Maybe Samsung will help Spansion out? ;-)

  11. Bince

    What AMD REALLY stands for:




    Bringing Hector Ruiz on board has proven to be another kick-in-the-balls for Jerry and the poor souls that are STILL working/supporting/caring for AMD. They (share holders, engineers, etc.) ought to jump ship and start their own chip manufacturing company or go to work for Intel. Speaking of such, this also holds the same for Spansion, LLC in Austin, TX. Between Intel and Samsung, that "mirror flash" is getting stomped on BIG TIME. IBM OUGHT to take them over... at least IBM has been making money. WHat has AMD/Spansion been doing- blowing it and screwing the little people that have been faithful and supportive of them for sooooo long. Way to go Jerry!

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