back to article Yahoo! denies! China! claims!

Yahoo! has hit back at claims by a US Senate committee that it covered up its involvement in handing over information to Chinese authorities which led to the arrest and detention of four Chinese citizens. In a statement the company said: “Yahoo!’s testimony was truthful, and while we regret Chairman Lantos is rushing to …


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  1. Chris Purcell

    What! A! Funny! Hack! You! Are!

    Gosh, what a witty, insightful and original use of exclamation marks in the title of this post. I hope future articles on Yahoo! follow this convention, because otherwise I might forget this clever jape.

  2. andy gibson

    Exclamation marks

    Chris - I (and I assume many other readers) find the exclamation marks amusing.

    Your post was so sarcastic I'm not sure if you're actually being ironic or new to The Reg.

  3. LTQ

    But! It's! Hilarious! And! Novel!

    Oh no, wait...


    Yahoo! denies! China! claims! (

    Yahoo! faces! investigation! over! China! (

    Yahoo! profits! drop! slightly! (

    Yahoo! Unveils! New! Banner! Ad! Engine! (

    Yahoo! loses! sales! head! (

    Yahoo! buys! Rivals! (

    Yahoo! Europe! upgrades! ad! platform! (

    Yahoo! Shouldn't! Sell! To! Microsoft? (

    Yahoo! launches! mobile! search! (

    Yahoo! searches! abroad! for! online! gambling! riches! (

    Yahoo! buys! ad! exchange! (

    Yahoo! China! sued! in! US! (

    Yahoo! email! unlimited! (

    Yahoo! search! goes! mobile! (

    Yahoo! can! help! jail! Chinese! dissidents! (

    Yahoo! red-faced! over! curry! blog! ripoff! (

    Yahoo! false! alert! drama! (

    Yahoo! net! plummets! in! Q4! (

    Belgian! newspapers! warn! Yahoo! over! links! (


    And that's just THIS YEAR'S RESULTS!

  4. Luke Wells

    All! Yahoo! Articles! Are! Written! Like! This!

    Chris! Purcell! seems! to! have! missed! that! point! also! it! is! still! funny!

  5. Sabahattin Gucukoglu

    Re:! What! A! Funny! Hack! You! Are!

    This! has! been! the! convention! for! a! long! while! now! as! loyal! Register! readers! will! attest! to! Occasionally! it! is! forgotten! but! it's! nevertheless! an! established! staple! of! Registerdom! Besides! that! it! makes! my! speech! synthesiser! get! all! excitable!



  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Well, Chris

    You're new around here, and that is not a question. I suggest you do a quick search for Yahoo on this site - you'll find that your suggestion was already taken into account about five years ago.

    Gosh, El Reg can see five years into the future ! Now I know !

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chris! Purcell! makes! himself! look! like! a! tool!

    Ok everybody, lets all point at the newbie and laugh...

  8. Francis Fish

    Every! Yahoo! Article! has! marks!

    where u bin? Don't notice it any more - I agree it is tedious tho'.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Speaking as Y! drone...

    Who cares about the exclamation marks...err, sorry, who! cares! about! the! exclamation! marks!? !

    The key item is whether they did it. I suspect they did, but to a degree it's something which cannot be avoided. If your staff in a particular country feel patriotic, even to a blood-soaked commie state, then you cannot in the end stop this stuff being passed over. The key item is whether Y! management approved, and if they did, were they fired afterwards?

  10. Chris Purcell


    After five years, Luke and Andy still find the same joke funny. That explains syndicated cartoons.

    Glad my fellow regulars are capable of detecting sarcasm, by the way.

  11. Jeremiah Steidl

    Chris Purcell is a n00b!

    I play the Google card to prove it.

  12. Andrew

    Sacasm detection and lack therof

    Unfortunately for a site that tries to maintain a certain level of humour, many of its readers, and some writers, would be incapable of recognising sarcasm and irony if they glassed them in the face.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sometimes we do forget, and sometimes some of our reporters ask if we should maintain this typographic convention. But I think the old things are worth preserving, no?

    Changing tack: we opened the floor to comments on (mostly) all stories in April.

    So Google proves nothing about noobs or otherwise.


    El Reg

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What the difference?

    What's the difference between China requiring records from Yahoo! and the US requiring records from SWIFT?

  15. Dillon Pyron

    The humor (or is that humour) of the Reg

    Some people forget that "way back in the day" The Register was created as a satirical send up of IT. Even the byline (bitting the hand that feeds IT) is a clever pun that escapes many readers.

    Yahoo! publishes! Paris! Hilton! iPhone! pix!

    There, I believe that's today's trifecta.

  16. John A Blackley

    The evidence

    Yahoo guy to the press: "We believe deeply in human rights"

    That's it. Lock 'em up.

  17. Dennis Price

    @What the difference

    If you don't know the difference, you should be at Dailykos, not the Reg.

    Fucking anon pussy! (never a good idea, you don't know where it's been)

    Anyway.. who gives a fuck about exclaimation points? The Punctuation Nazis? Do you lose sleep over the billions of mis-spelled txts flying around the air without the benefit of your expertise?

    Get a fucking life you stupid ass. Fucking morons.


    Yeah, it's one of those days.

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