back to article World Poker Tour goes, er, global

The China Leisure Sports Administrative Center has tied the knot with World Poker Tour Enterprises (WPT) to promote “the sport of poker, by helping to create, expand and commercialize China’s first ever national poker competition,” the Associated Press reported today. Well, something like poker, at least. The Chinese …


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  1. JP

    Just hold it in Macao!

    The Mecca of Chinese Gambling...

  2. Dax Farrer


    As American as apple pie and extraordinary rendition. Whats that black helicop.....

  3. Dion R

    Im all in ......

    to enter a WPT main event it costs $10K(US) yet WPT have decided to goto China, have a string of events where presumably, it would cost nothing to enter, and they couldn't offer cash prizes ... WPT freeroll China, All in Leeeeeeeroooy !!!

    Hardly seems worth WPT's time and effort if you ask me.

This topic is closed for new posts.