back to article First Response issues ID theft alert after burglary

First Response Finance has warned thousands of UK customers to be wary of suspicious transactions on their accounts following the theft of storage discs from the finance firm's offices near Manchester. Server equipment containing customer data was stolen in a break-in at its Leigh offices late last month, prompting the firm …


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  1. Neil

    A disgrace worse than Hitler

    What kind of irresponsible financial services company bases an office in Leigh??? People break into pie shops round there to make off with stale crusts and unused beaks. Let alone anything resembling a chance at real money.

    Shocked AND appalled.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Could be worse

    I got a call from a phone monkey at HSBC to tell me that my card may have been compromised and they needed to cancel and re-issue. She couldn't tell me how it had been compromised or what had been done to make sure it didn't happen again but she did know that "action had been taken".

    Naturally, the department that *could* tell me what precautions had been taken don't take calls from the public.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    .........worse than Hitler

    I think you'll find Hitler had a far worse record on Data Security .... due in part to burglary but mostly thanks to those meddling crackers at Bl3tchl3y.

  4. Dillon Pyron

    Godwin rocks!

    First post and the law already applies.

  5. adnim

    Would that....

    "sophisticated level of equipment and knowledge". Be a power source, keyboard, monitor and the ability to read?... Oh and UBCD4WIN to create a new admin user?

  6. heystoopid


    Question why were sensitive files maintained in such a lax manner and not in a more secure way as is the industry norms!

    Further , such sensitive data should have been in a lockable non removable fire proof safe as per normal security standards when not in use and the data fully encrypted with appropriate file reconstruction data!

    But then again , for some wankers , the cheapest choice is never the best option , in the case of data security!

    The "Peter Principle" rocks on in the new 21st century!

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