back to article Black market for malware a thriving place

The sale of Trojans, phishing kits and other types of malware thrives in a growing marketplace that resembles many of the more legitimate businesses that have set up shop online over the past decade. With a wealth of online bazaars, 24-by-7 support and the ability for other buyers to weigh in on the quality of the products, …


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  1. heystoopid

    Never mind

    Never mind , now that George W Bush has signed into force the new revised Spy Act updated for the new Electronic Age of the Internet allowing unnamed Federal Black Ops to track all foreign inbound and those in transit through US based Internet Servers without filing legal warrants or any paperwork looking for terrorists or just plain spying on friend and foe alike!.

    It does not take a genius to think of the consequences and annoyances that these pests cause and they will be called a cyber terrorist instead and thus treated accordingly!

    Oh well , life truly moves in vicious circles!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Make Up your Mind Time....... requires you Know what you Mind

    "Any boob can jump on an online forum and claim to have a flaw-free Trojan,..."

    Yes, I suppose any boob can.

    Whereas the Real McCoy/Full Monty, flaw-free, online forum Trojan would simply further deeply embeds itself into the Operating System Systems 42 Feed IT Raw Rich MetaData , with never any claim to be flawless given the pleasures in vice and the hectic management of sin.

    FailSafe would be the most Valid and Valuable of any Opinion expressed upon such a .......... well, it would actually be a Public Service Facility would it not....... although there would be those who may see it as a Vulnerability which would require a Fix or a Patch. But that would be pointless whenever the OSS, which you may like to consider in such circumstances has been fully compromised to Command and Control at Kernel Level, has been groomed/developed to Satisfy Appetites and Create Markets.

    The Fix or Patch is not to a Vulnerability in the System, it is just to maintain an Exclusive Self Serving Control of the System which of course is Monetising Flows of MetaData.

    And in such Crash Conditions, which has Raw Rich MetaData blocked/patched against as a Command and Control Vulnerability, will the OSS Administration Morph in ITs Entirety into Virtualisation and ITs NeuReality Virtualised Fields of Play.

    With no Physicality to Attack/Obstruct/Command will Intellectual Property of the Highest Order, Rule and Reign over the Domain and Dominion of Intelligence/Information Processing.

    Thus is Reality rendered as a Virtual Commodity to be sculptured/formed to Taste and Need, and Bought [with nothing more than fistsful of colourful paper] so that Wealth Shared/the Perception of Wealth Shared with NeuReality, allows ITs Ideas to be further XPanded upon for Physical Representation.... A Blueprint Build with Altruistic Intellect Generating Wealth and Meaningful Endeavour aka Future InfraStructure rather than a previous Generation of Wealth thinking that Wealth Builds and Controls IT/InfraStructure whenever it so clearly engages in the exact Opposite...... and that is clearly Malware rather than Palware.

    J'accuse the System.... [and would suggest that IT Change to Virtualisation and ITs SMARTer Protocols for Controlling Power in Advanced Artificial Intelligence Concept...... for how will you stop IT whenever IT is already Sharing ITSelf, Freely, Open Source...Out in the Wild feeding from Underground Spring and Overarching Aim alike.]

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Any boob can jump on an online forum

    Oh really?

    I'll get my camera.

    And coat.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Imagine and IT's True.

    Oh really?

    Well, No, actually .....for Reality is a Virtually Traded Commodity, is IT not? But IT can make it as Real as you Need.

    Or would you choose to Prove a Disagreement....... Proof Positive of a Negative?

    A Bit of a Waste of Time and Space {BandWidth], is it not?

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