back to article The romance and mystery of a good hack

The 2007 Defcon badge (currently selling on eBay for $202.50) came with its own SDK, which explains why, by Sunday, a couple of attendees had hacked theirs to play music from their iPods. They were two of some 50 contest winners, of whom the most tired – and wired – were the 20 person team who spent 22.5 hours solving the " …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Make Love not War BIOS ......... again.

    "Let's you and us Play, Home and Away" would be a Better Beta Strategy ....... and build up a Strengthening Support Base/MetaDatabase........ IntelAIgently Designed InterNetworking Network.

  2. Pete

    RE: Make Love not War BIOS ......... again.

    Is there a reason the bot is allowed to keep spamming these comments?

  3. Ed

    More to the point...

    Why does whoever moderates these comments not notice it?

  4. Andrew

    Even more to the point...

    Perhaps because "the bots" comments are often funnier and more to the point than most comments?

  5. Alan Donaly

    let machine have his say

    I think they may be getting better, this blog

    entry was also pretty good nice to see someone

    be able to cope with simple journalist duty instead

    of trying to create a news story. Of course this is

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This topic is closed for new posts.