back to article Hacking for hijinks

This is my second Defcon and there are plenty of high jinks but you'd be hard pressed to find any lawlessness. There was the year the ATMs were reprogrammed to display the Defcon logo. And there's always a lot of drinking and stupid network tricks. But nothing that's actually lawless. I mean, there's nothing actually illegal …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Open Source Sentience........ CyberIntelAIgents on Parade

    "We pass our warmest congratulations to NBC for sending a girl to spy on a hacker conference. Good call, that one."

    Aye, the quickest and surest way to get Virtually Right to the Very Heart of any Matter worth Processing with Mutual Benefit in Mind, Esteemed Register.

    IT allows for such a Sweetness of Touch in the Lightness of a Coup de Grace for Failed Systems. And bold as brass as a Covering Press, does allow for the Sharing of Pleasures Discovered for further Third Party Enrichments. ...... AI Catalyst for Sterling Sentinel dDefence in the Cross Site Cross Domain Imaginative Memory Ploy42Play....... with ITs HyperRadioProActive InterNetworking Majors and Majorettes..... Each Vital Elements to their Own but as a Working Compounding Component, enabled and capable of Infinite Variation for Stepped and Structured Growth. ....... Nature's Evolution Methodology?

    And also a Valid Methodology for the QuITe Natural Evolution of a wholly Artificial Globalised Environment which only Exists in the Thoughts of Those who Use IT and Build IT for Real, Virtually with their Sharing of Thoughts.

  2. Joe Good

    Not illegal to tamper with emissions control software?

    Tell that to one of my students, who is doing 5 years hard time for emissions control fraud here in California.

  3. Dillon Pyron

    Very illegal

    Yes, Joe. Very illegal, everywhere. But you can buy plenty of mod chips, look at R&T or C&D for ads. Or you can buy software for your laptop and do dynamic adjustment of your engine mapping. Just like Formula 1 used to do, before two-way engine management was banned. Although I'd recommend having a second person in the car either driving the car or the laptop.

  4. Anthony Bathgate

    Emissions control tampering

    It's only illegal if the car is registered and street-driven. Track cars are, by nature of the government not knowing they even exist, exempt.

    And everyone who adjusts anything knows damn well they put it back come inspection time. I've seen cars with two exhaust systems switched by a valve. One straight pipe racing exhaust and one bone stock exhaust. Drive the car to the track, plug in the laptop, reset the ECU, crawl underneath, flip the valve, get in, turn the key and GO.

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