back to article Indian cops reach for bananas to flush out evidence

Indian coppers forced a suspected jewel thief to scoff over 40 bananas in a bid to force him to produce a necklace he had allegedly stolen. When the bananas failed to do the trick, the plods, in the Eastern Indian city of Kolkata, moved onto a veritable smorgasbord of other purgative foods. The resourceful plods performed the …


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  1. Jonathan Richards

    Unpleasant juxtaposition


    ...Rather than reaching for the bananas, the preferred method there is to just reach for the item in question, making policing a dirtier job than it really needs to be. ®

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    Urgh. That was an image I didn't want.

    Is this going to be good advice for Dan Lyons, maybe, after Steve Jobs' goons catch up with the Phantom Blogger?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here ya' go...

    Oh, we've recovered your necklace, here you go. Might want to soak it in disinfectant for about a year...

  3. Chris Collins

    Beer and Vindaloo

    Surely taking the miscreant out for a Friday night of beer and vindaloo would have been quicker and easier than bananas. I know from experience that you could look down my mouth and see clear out my arsehole the next day.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Baby Feeding School of Laxative Effectiveness

    I was very surprised when I saw this story, because the experience with my infant son has been that bananas have exactly the opposite effect. Mango or, that old humorous standby, prunes would have been successful much more quickly.

  5. Alan Potter

    Yellow Truncheons?

    Considering the number of references to bottoms as well, it's just as well this story was based in India rather than, say, China...

  6. Steve Mansfield

    These Indian policemen ....

    Are they known as Peelers?

    I thank you

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bananas? As a LAXATIVE?!

    Um... in my family we eat bananas when we have diarrhea, to help things return to a solid state!!! Maybe things work differently in India, but I doubt it's THAT different!!!

    A gallon of apple cider (not the alcoholic stuff - you brits!) or a couple of glasses of prune juice probably would've done the trick. Or as someone else suggested, lots of mangos in a nice big fruit salad. But the worst diarrhea I ever remember was after drinking too much apple cider as a child in the autumn when we had a tour of the orchard & cider mill. Went on the hay rides, had our fill of cider and spent all night on the throne swearing I'd never have another drop of yummy cider again. Hmmm, I wonder where I can get some cider today? I should sit down with a few bananas and a big glass of cider... maybe they'd equal each other out.

  8. Doc

    And it came to pass... to speak.

    I'll get me coat...

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