back to article Oklahoma offers War on Terror numberplates

Residents of Oklahoma can exchange their dull old number plate for one which makes clear their support of Bush's "Global War on Terror". The personalised plate comes with a picture of the Twin Towers with an American eagle, sporting a 9-11 ribbon. Below your car registration number is the slogan "Global War on Terror" to make …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Say it with feeling

    Is there one with "f*ck speed cameras"? I might be interested.

  2. Iain


    so that will be the Twin Towers in Oklahoma, then. Not the slightly more famous ones that were elsewhere.

    Still, it manages to make more sense than the special "Killed In Action" plate. I never knew that zombie car drivers were such upstanding citizens that renewed their vehicle tax. On the other hand, even the Undead are actually at home. If you're able to order a "Missing In Action" plate, exactly how missing are you, really?

  3. Jerome

    No Limits to the comedy value of this site

    You missed the best one of all. WTF is 'Ducks Unlimited' all about? Are they a dodgy dance music duo made up of ducks, perchance?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Or perhaps...

    A number plate saying "f*ck murderous speeding motorists"?

  5. Mitch Russell

    Not yet...

    But, the tags are $37 plus the tax rate, which is expensive. $90for a car up to 4 years old, $80 for the next four years, $60 for the next four, $40 for four, then $20 for those over 17 years. See

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Now, if you could get one of those with custom numbers/lettering, that would be fantastic. A 9/11 plate with all that claptrap, and then, "PRPAGNDA"...

  7. John A Blackley

    Fun Friday!`

    Oh I do love Poke Fun At The Yanks Fridays!

    FYI, the funds raised by selling customised license plates are used to defray costs. Of course, giving people a choice of what they want to display on their license plates is so much more bizarre than taking their money, doling out the same-style license plate to everybody..............oh wait, maybe it's not.

  8. Adrian Jones

    The one that worries me... "Killed in Action".

    Surely that should disqualify you from driving?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You could just.. yeknow... obey the speed limit?

  10. Chris Rowson

    Team America

    In the words of Trey Parker.

    ......America, f*ck yeah! Freedom is the only way, yeah! / Terrorists, your game is through, 'cause now you have to answer to / America, f*ck yeah!.....

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virginia does that too

    Same thing with personalized plates in Virginia, including a 9-11 themed "Fight Terrorism" design and lots of college alumni designs (there's something vaguely odd about seeing a licence plate with "VIRGINIA" along the top edge, and "OHIO STATE" on the bottom).

    VA DMV has more info <a href="">here</a>. You can even suggest ideas for new plate designs. Somehow I don't think they'd want my "Impeach Bush" idea though. :-P

    Remember kids, nothing says "redneck" like a beat up old pickup truck with a "Sons of Confederate Veterans" plate.

  12. Erwin

    Re: No Limits to the comedy value of this site

    Ducks Unlimited is an organization that "conserves, restores and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl." With the intent to then go and hunt them, mind you. See also

  13. Matt


    did someone mention ducks?

  14. Nick

    Why not their own terrorist bombing?

    Gosh, I wonder why the plate doesn't feature Oklahoma City's own terrorist bombing:

    Oh. Those terrorists were caucasian, US citizens.

    That's all right then.

  15. Nick

    Ducks Unlimited... an American environmental conservation organization that preserves duck habitat so they can then have more and better ducks to kill.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The best part that everyone missed is...

    The desert camo!

    The whole world is a desert? Really? Or did they just mean to say

    "Global war on people who live in deserts"?

    Maybe I'm missing the whole point... ;)

  17. Nick

    What handicap can you have ...

    That still allows one to ride a motorcycle?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I know loads of bikers who have broken legs/arms/etc.

    Oh hang on, the one _caused_ not allows the other...

    Seriously though, I did know a biker at uni who had knackered legs, he just used a scooter.

  19. Dillon Pyron

    Tejas tags

    Tejas has a bunch of those type of tags, too. God Bless America, Animal Friendly, Texas A&M University, Horned Toad and Wild Flowers, amongst others. We also have Purple Heart and Medal of Honor tags, both free. Oh yeah, DUI tags. Which cost a ton of money and also have to be "earned".

    I've seen World War II Veteran, Korean War Veteran, Viet Nam Veteran, Desert Storm Veteran, Iraq Veteran and Afghanistan Veteran.

  20. Marc

    Re: physically disabled motorcycle plates

    Well, I've read of someone who has no use of his legs that was professionally racing for a while, so there is a lot of adaptability...

    Trikes here in the US are classified as motorcycles. They obviously offer a much more stable and adaptable platform for people with disabilities.

  21. Dave

    @ Nick - RE: Why not their own terrorist bombing?

    "Gosh, I wonder why the plate doesn't feature Oklahoma City's own terrorist bombing"

    It wasn't terrorism. Read the definition of terrorism. The Oklahoma City Bombing was revenge for what the government did at Waco.

  22. Mike VandeVelde


    r u serious?!?!

  23. Player_16


    It wasn't terrorism. Read the definition of terrorism. The twin towers in New York and the Pentagon was revenge for what the U.S. government did to 'capitalism'.

  24. Scott

    How Aboat


  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Accident waiting to happen?

    Why aim for ""Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor" in the event of an accident when you could shoot for "Certified Public Accountant"?

  26. Robert Henry Sullivan


    Down with everything that is against our American Freedoms, and of course down with should start at Home!

    But reallly what should have been done to the terrorist overseas,

    the U. S. Air Force could have done with a 1ea. B-52 & a 20!!!

    Bush wuld have had better luck in Iraq starting a state of Methodist-ism than democracy.

  27. Rich

    Shows there aren't really any terrerists

    If people had had such plates in the 1970s, how long do you think it would be before the IRA started popping car bombs under the clearly identified vehicles.

    The British military had to get rid of their distinctive "BZ" (British Forces Germany) number plates because they singled the driver out as a target.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah but....

    ...those plate designs suck big time. Were they designed by 3rd graders or just prisoners with a 3rd grade education?

  29. Michael Benneyworth

    Paying for 2010 Olympics(tm)

    Here in British Columbia you have the option of a regular issue plate, a Veterans plate - proof required, $5 extra fee, Vanity, er, Personalized plates -application fee of $100 and an annual fee of $40, and a few other types for collectors, vintage cars and dealers.

    Best of all though are the 2010 Olympics(tm)* plates - initial fee of $35 and an annual renewal fee of $25 (until December 31, 2012) - to help offset the budget overrun. See for more details.

    *With the Olympic Mountain range across the water in Washington state the tradmark nazis have been jumping all over small companies using any variant of the Olympic name. Just practicing safe IP.

  30. TSM

    @Nick - Re: Why not their own terrorist bombing?

    "Gosh, I wonder why the plate doesn't feature Oklahoma City's own terrorist bombing"

    They have a separate plate for that, of course:

    Oklahoma City Bombing Victims And Survivors

    But it's nice to know that anyone can declare themselves a Gold Star Parent with

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