back to article Will the iPhone be iPwned?

LAS VEGAS - The Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall has a solid crowd for a Monday afternoon and it's easy to pinpoint the favourite. A dozen iPhone stations collect at the front of the store, and they are rarely lonely. A stylish 20-something couple laughs as the man snaps a picture of the woman and shows her the screen. A …


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  1. David Eddleman

    Consider a new source, Reg

    Apparently this "Hyppönen" chap doesn't read the news, or he selectively reads it.

    "From the attacker's point of view, it is a hard device to attack, because there is no SDK (software development kit) - it's a closed system,"

    Except for the fact that people have already figured out how to develop and run applications on it. And that existing applications, namely the OS, have been reverse-engineered in less than a month, say?

    "Finally, some researchers question whether compromising an iPhone would gain anything of value for the attacker."

    Well, it can be used as a listening device. I certainly see government-level espionage, def. corporate espionage, in the works with this. If a person uses their iPhone to access bank stuff, it apparently can be monitored just like a PC can with a keylogger.

    "The iPhone's restrictions on installing non-Apple software can be seen as a security feature as well, as long as the protections make it difficult to create programs for the phone"

    Except if it uses a simple check to verify that it's proper Apple software, then all a programmer has to do is reverse-engineer the legit Apple apps and find the string and inject it into their own programs. Even if Apple uses a grossly-ineffective method of checking over the 'net of a program's authenticity, well, that's simple! Redirect the authentication server to a malicious one via editing of the hosts file, and the methods employed there can easily be ascertained by running an Ethereal/ettercap scan and reading the packets.

    Come on El Reg, don't get your soundbytes from F-Secure. Go back to Sophos. While Graham Cluely doesn't open his mouth much for the soundbytes, he at least doesn't sound like a twunt when he does.

  2. Jim

    Dissappointing sales?

    Please can you stop trotting out this anti-hype rubbish.

    Certain analysts are the only ones disappointed by the level of sales. Most analysts predicted around the number sold and Apple didn't make any promises with regards to the number sold in the first 30 hours.

    Some people would say that 150k units sold in 30 hours is very good you know?

  3. Rob

    Oh dear...

    .... someone's upset an iBoy, call the Police.

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