back to article Stem cell fraudster made 'virgin birth' breakthrough

The investigation into frauds committed by Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk has revealed that he unwittingly made a sought-after stem cell breakthrough. In the course of research, which culminated with false claims that stem cells had been extracted from a cloned human embryo, Hwang's team succeded in extracting cells from eggs …


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  1. Bill Coleman

    Frozen Zoo

    There are people working on creating a genetic library of existing biodiversity that could theoretically be deployed to repopulate species driven to extension in years to come. I think we are a step closer....

    ...or Pamela Anderson never ages - take your pick!

  2. El Regular


    Seredipitous it is. Just.. wanted to say that.


  3. Alex

    David Brin strikes again

    Seems like we're one step closer to Glory Season.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Off Topic: Ethical

    Is there an ethical problem with using reserch that was done without safegaurds we use at home. Not to Godwin but a lot was learnt from the nazi medical experiments although most were pointless as well as being inhumane and genocidal.

    The locomotion of people walking as seen through a constant X-ray (I think) was used by Western researchers even though it came from the death of those involved.

    If other places around the world do research (far worse than this) in a scattergun approach withouth safeguards, can we then pick through and gain results from their cruelty and apply it to medicine. The basic parts of a Lab are becoming more self contained, automated and low cost in my laymans understanding. Especially around time consuming procedures involving DNA.

  5. peter Silver badge

    Re: Ethics.

    Playing devil's advocate:

    Would it be ethical to _not_ use such research? And at what point does it stop? What happens if it's not research but completed technology we're handed? What about research that was done 100 years ago to different standards?

    Surely, the most ethical stance would be to eradicate suffering througout in the world, so that such issues don't arise. Until that happens, I suppose we fall back on the platitude "It gives their deaths meaning."

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