back to article Sealand seeks to cash in on online casino bonanza

It could be an episode of South Park, or a Bunuel conceit were he alive: a non-existent nation has pledged to open an online casino open to Americans on a formerly abandoned military platform in the North Sea. The Cheney administration can now confront that rarity, a government more surreal than its own: namely, that of the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the new 9/11 will ensue!

    Careful now, all it takes is for the next terrorist attack to occur on a building in the US, and the yanks will finger this lot as the perps.

    The Navy Seals will undoubtedly be spearheading the ensuing invasion.

    I can hear Boush now - 'my fellow americans, crimes against this great nation will not go unpunished...'

  2. Simon Greenwood

    Havenco are still in business

    But will only consider large scale projects - they rent a fair proportion of Sealand as an offshore datacentre. This is probably more to do with them than the Bateses. As for banking, the Euro is a better looking prospect than the dollar these days anyway. I say good luck to the venture, as long as the owners aren't planning to visit the US any time soon.

  3. GreyWolf

    The Fire?

    I thought Sealand was currently a burnt-out wreck. Certainly there was a massive fire June 2006 (

  4. Robin

    and of course there is a petition

  5. thomasthetanker

    Comments are easy but i can never think of a title

    A seat on the UN Security Council beckons

    Ian Banks - The Business

  6. Jon Green

    That one-for-one bonus...

    ...comes with some pretty hefty strings attached:

    Example: "Players must stake at least 40 times the value of their Welcome Bonus prior to cashing in."

  7. David

    New Sealand

    Hey Sealand isn't fictitious, I actually live there.

    New Zealand is dutch for new sealand.


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This casino is NOT based in Sealand!!! Trust me I was there last week. And the approval from Prince Regent Micheal, which they are so proud of, was him saying ok over the phone! If you really want me to add to the credibility of this I have to also add that the owners of have never been to Sealand or met with any member of the royal family.... They have also run an online casino before, which went bust.

  9. Tina

    The Fire

    Since the fire Sealand has been renovated by a company called Church and East Ltd. The story, including loads of photo's is on their website. It is all back to normal now and a wonderful place to live. The last update is coming soon!

  10. Matt

    The Real Deal!

    Greetings, I'm a Military Guard and Marine Engineer that currently works and inhabits Sealand. This thread is to correct the mis-information that this site,, provides to the public about this wonderfull country.

    You know me only by my first name, matt, an this is the REAL DEAL!

    The New "SealandCasino" is not a legit Casino of Sealand. Infact at present their are no Sealand Casino's online or otherwise, though plans for one are upon the horizon for the near future.

    The Sealand Radio Station will not be known as Sealand FreeRadio or any other names that have been descibed by sealandnews and other sites. It will be known as Sealand Streamers iRadio. The radio station is in the development stage and is nearing it's first broadcast!

    No other parties other than churchandeast and Sealand Streamers are involved in the station itself!

    Seland a Rehab center?? Now thats aload of bull in itself!

    The "Sealander Tv Show" never existed, especially concerning the likes of "Tycoon Entertainment". SealandStreamers, who will be running the radio station SS iRadio, also have plans of an online tv station of sorts in the near future.

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