back to article Nokia ships 100 million phones in Q2

Nokia shipped 100.8 million handsets in Q2, and at the same time increased the margin on its sales, according to the firm's results. The figures for the three months to 30 June show Nokia turning over €12.6bn, and making €2.36bn in profit. During the period they shipped 1.5 million of its top end multimedia phone, the N95, with …


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  1. Jon

    Oooh, that iPhone!

    Lets see, Nokia sold 4.1 million phones in 91 days. Which works out to 45,055 phones a day or about 1,877 phones an hour. Apple sold 270,000 phones in 30 hours which works out to 9,000 phones an hour. Your right compared to Nokia Apple only sold approximately 5 times the number of phones when broken down into phones per hour. Your right...Apple hasn't got a chance!!

  2. Daniel Snowden


    You might be right Jon, then again what are Apples sales like now? Chances are that Apples strong sales figures were only at the launch (i.e. the hardcore Apple fanboys who queued outside the stores)

    (Remember the strong PS3 sales which fizzled out not long after the launch?)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Oooh, that iPhone!

    You're right (note spelling) if you want to compare iPhone opening sales of the first 30 hours with sustained sales for 3 months.

    You're wrong if you look at Apple's hope to sell 3 million iphones by the end of the year. That works out about 694 an hour. Or perhaps Apple's end of 2008 target of 10 million. That would be what? 772 an hour?

  4. Bill Fresher


    100 million phones in a quarter is around 46,000 an hour. You've got your numbers wrong somewhere.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ohh no another one!!

    These Apple fanboys are everywhere!

    Of course let's assume that Apple will keep selling like the first 30 hours for the whole year, and WOW they will sell 79 million iPhones/year! This is 10 times more than Steve Job's expectation!

    Come on when a new phone/gadget gets launched it always exhibits a peak of sales in the first days. Especially if it had a crazy and unjustified marketing exposure like the iPhone had since February!

  6. John Bishop

    Fantastic iPhone sales

    So, using that calculation of 9,000 phones sold every hour, Apple have sold 19,656,000 iPhones in the same time period

    Steve Jobs must be very happy :-)

  7. Martin Huizing

    questionable reasoning skills... (iPhone vs Nokia)

    Nokia has numerous more models than Apple corp. has at this moment. Anyone remember the Nokia Communicator? That's a good one to compare. Too tired to look for it, but if you like, you can check the start-up period sales figures and see how they compare to the iPhone (iHype)!

  8. John Browne

    By jove Jon I think you've got it

    and at 9000 phones an hour Apple will sell 79milion phones by this time next year in north America alone. Go on the Iphone

  9. mark cooper

    iPhone sales

    the iPhone might have sold 9000 phones per hour, but nokia can sell its numbers year in year out. and not just with a big evangelical marketing push.....

  10. elder norm

    Please, whats with this large thing??

    I don't know why most everyone thinks that only the largest seller of something is the one that can do no wrong.

    Nokia makes OK phones. I have used several. And given the low cost of basic phones, people use them as throw away phones. When the battery runs out, get a new phone. :-)

    I think that Apple makes a GREAT PHONE. Its simple to use, works great, does lots. But even though I would love one, there is no way that I am going to buy one for some time. However, I would buy an iPhone long before I would spend money on a Blackberry or other "smart" phone. Nuff said. :-)


  11. Dillon Pyron

    ok phones

    Basically, everybody makes an ok phone. It's just that none of them really set my heart a thumpin' . All have some nice features, but they all have problems that are sometimes worse. The recent (today in the US) Reg piece on the latest Nokia Communicator is a good example.

    Notice for a moment that the iPhone is only sold in the US at present. How do Nokia's sales, for a much larger product line, compare? Now take like phones, smartphone to smartphone.

    Apple only wants to sell 10M phones next year. But I bet their margins are a lot higher.

    Given all that, I won't buy one. Not at those prices.

  12. studentrights

    Nokia bottom feeding...

    "I don't know why most everyone thinks that only the largest seller of something is the one that can do no wrong." @ elder norm

    Yes, I see this kind of crap thinking all the time. If a company moves lot of product and makes lots of money, then they must be the best at what they do. Bulls**t! Just look at Microsoft. Do they make the best products or did their monopolists and and unethical business practices keep them at the top? The later is closer to the truth.

    It also makes no sense to compare Nokia to Apple, when Apple is only competing in one small segment of the market, "smart-phones", not "all phones". In this light Nokia has a lot to fear from Apple since those high margins don't come from cheap throw-away phones that make up the bulk of that 100 million, rather the margins come from premium gear like the iPhone.

    Apple can do a lot of damage to Nokia and other cell phone makers bottom line, if they can walk away with a lion's share of the of the high margin market in "smart-phones".

    Who cares if Nokia goes bottom feeding in the razor thin throw-away commodity phone market, just like Dell and HP do on the PC side with their sub-$500 PCs.

  13. studentrights

    Trolling for hits?

    Sometimes I think the The Register is just trolling for hits with title comments like "iPhone who"? It's a meaning statement.

  14. Vernon Lloyd

    Erm.....Just one question

    Whats an iPhone.........;-)

    What do the vast majority of all phone users need on a phone:

    Ability to ring other people

    Ability to receive calls from other people

    Send Text Messages

    Receive Text Messages

    And maybe, just maybe a camera to take unexpected photos.

    So why do the vast majority need an all singing all dancing phone.

    I doubt Apple will take a huge share in the phone market, yes it may eat into the higher end phones but it is too highly priced and has too many features for most.

    I think the iPhone has the potential of being a VERY NICE piece of kit, but I will never own one. I like my quick access to the internet and a decent camera on my phone, both of which (at present) are missing on the iPhone.

  15. Ascylto

    Fanboi here ...

    What stupidity comparing Nokia and Apple!

    The Nokimac computer is rubbish!

    I simply love Apple products ... they're smart, chic, work well and reeeeeaaally annoy Microtrolls.

    I'd simply love to own an iPhone for the looks alone!

    If you want to know what the iPhone is about ... look at the Nokimotosony in the years to come ... Darwin was right!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia N95

    The N95 is similar in price (well probably cheaper over 2 years) to the iPhone. In 3 months 1.5m N95s were sold, which is similar to the projections for the iPhone. So Nokia can sell high end phones in similar volumes as the iPhone.

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