back to article Wee SiCortex buys PathScale compiler biz

Supercomputing start-up SiCortex has bought PathScale's compiler business - software and people included - from QLogic. SiCortex will be unfamiliar to many of you. It's a start-up putting out a novel high performance computing design that combines close to 6,000 MIPS cores in a single system. The company has placed a major …


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  1. Chris Hipp

    MIPS > SGI > Key Research > Pathscale > Qlogic > SiCortex

    Remember, before Key Research changed its name to Pathscale and started focusing on Opteron, they were working on a dense computing platform based on low power MIPS cores, similar to SiCortex. Pathscale's compiler guru is a former MIPS/SGI compiler guru, so it makes sense that there was/is probably a lot of valuable MIPS compiler IP there for SiCortex to acquire.


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