back to article Kylie comforts the Time Lord

Aussie breast cancer survivor, ex-Neighbours star, and pop princess Kylie Minogue has been comforting Doctor Who star David Tennant following the death of his mother from cancer. According to The Sun, Kylie reassured the cult TV show's current Time Lord by patting him on the back and saying: "I know how you are feeling." The …


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  1. Adrian Jones


    Usually when the Sun talks about one celeb "comforting" another, it's a little more than an arm around the shoulder!

    And if you need an IT angle, you could report on the money that fans at raised for the hospice where his mother died.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Er - I doubt it!

    Methinks that 'Trailer' is more fan fiction than anything else. Looks like most of the shots have been nicked from James Cameron's Titanic (including one of Victor Gerber as Thomas Andrews, the ship's designer). Also why would Kylie be looking so glam when we've already seen that Kylie is a waitress from the publicity stills?

    Still, I don't doubt that the Christmas special will still be great fun, and the Beeb will pull out all the stops....

  3. The Mighty Spang

    jumped the shark

    hmm, get the feeling its jumped the shark? looks like its turning into casualty/londons burning when they were trying to out do each other for disasters each week.

    and stuntcasting... meh

  4. gumpy

    Massive film tie-in??

    Wierd how about 50% of your 'trailer' contained scenes from the movie 'Titanic'. Seems like the curse of lazy journos has hit El Reg!

  5. Chad H.

    As someone who complained about tech angles

    Doctor Who Doesn't need a tech angle. Tech stories need Doctor Who angle.

  6. Chris Matchett

    Tech stories need.

    Tech stories need Kylie Cup-Of-Tea angle.

  7. Kev

    Over here!

    My mum had a little tumble on the stairs last week. She's alright, but I am still very upset about it. Please send Kylies.

  8. Tom

    Re: Jumped The Shark

    How can Doctor Who have "jumped the shark" from those things you said?

    The new series started off with stunt casting... Billie Piper is a prime example. As it turns out she was an excellent actress, so maybe you should wait before writing off a stunt casting as a bad casting?

    And who is it exactly trying to outdo for disasters? Doctor Who has no rival, unless you're somehow counting Eastenders and Corrie as they're the only two programmes that get equivilant viewer levels.

  9. Darren

    James Cameron LUUUUURVES The Titanic!!

    First of all, Deepest sympathies to David and his family. Second of all, nice piece of fan-fic for the 'Voyage of the Damnded' Trailier, but as everyone else points out, Kylies is looking decidedly glam for a waitress. Nicely done though...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IT angle?

    Who needs an IT angle? You could try replacing Kylie with Stephen Hawking, but it would still be a RUBBISH story!

  11. Jason


    I usually really like the random articles, and often have a laugh at those complaining about the lack of an IT angle, but seriously, this is taking it too far. This is pure gossip!

    Your only source is the Sun? You should be ashamed at quoting the Sun. 'nuff said

    Cool trailer though

    And here's the titanic 2 trailer;


  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Definitely a copy/paste job

    At least one of the Kylie scenes is from her video "On a Night Like This".

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let down

    The Register has become a constant source of dissapointment to me. Every now and again there is a new headline with some useless information about Kylie Minogue, and NO PHOTO!

    Every time I click, I think, perhaps today there will bea photo of the diminutive ozzie pop princess. But no, just some more drivel about Dr Who.

    Come on The Register, surely you can find one photo in the public domain to share with us.

    Dissapointed of Brighton.

  14. Steve

    Jumped the what now ?

    WTF does it mean to have "Jumped the shark ?", is this some yoof thing ? I think we should be told.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jump the shark

  16. Guy

    TARDIS Breached?

    Am I the only one who finds the fact that the Titanic managed to get inside the TARDIS a little disturbing?

    I mean over time, Daleks, Cybermen, evil Time Lords et al have all tried to break into the TARDIS using highly advanced machinery, yet with no success.

    Are we really saying that all they needed was a larger battering ram, say the size of a large ocean going liner?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tabloid news

    I don't mind a wee bit of it - paris in choky was quite amusing, and I even tolerated the iPhone hype.

    But this is pure tabloid regurgitation. Even with Kylie in it, it boils down to someone's ma dying, and life going on, except with us all peering at their grief for entertainment, just because it involves an antipodean hottie.

    tut tut

  18. Law

    RE: TARDIS Breached?

    Erm - I think that's the point of him going "WHAT???" puzzled over and over again... just like when tht annoying loud-mouthed trollop just beamed in last christmas.... its another "this isn't possible, but it's happened" sort of thing

    My guess is, it's something strange is on the titanic, that will most likely have the doctor and Kylie running around trying to save the day on a doomed titanic.... but anybody could guess that! lol... or they could just have the doctor sat around moping about how his little chav ho is stuck in another parallel universe, and his new one just left him because shes clingy and emotional and he didn't go there... that would probably make the episode slightly boring tho.

    PS - Kylies purty

  19. Doc

    Kylie to hold my


    "You should be so lucky, very, very lucky..."

    I'll get my coat.

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