back to article SMEs embrace wireless broadband

Wireless broadband services are proving popular with Irish SMEs, according to new research from Vodafone Ireland. The study found that a third of small and medium sized enterprises are using services other than fixed lines as their main connection to the internet. According to the report, new services such as mobile broadband …


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  1. Martin Saunders

    Wireless best of bad bunch in IE?

    Isn't the higher use of 3G in Ireland more due to the poor state of the alternative telco and LLU provider market there? I suspect if there were more competitive, more reliable and higher speed fixed line alternatives in Ireland, the wireless alternative wouldn't be so popular.

    3G/mobile wireless certainly has its uses, but I don't see 3G killing good old copper off quite yet.

  2. Dillon Pyron

    Access at work

    "At 72 per cent, employees of small construction firms are the least likely to be able to use the internet or email at work."

    Just how often is a carpenter going to send an email from the job site? "Pass me up that stud. LOL"

This topic is closed for new posts.

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