back to article O2 updates Orbit to WM6

O2 has provided a site where owners of the Xda Orbit can upgrade their device to Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) - at least they could if it worked. Punters attempting to get the upgrade, which has been available in Germany for some time, are told the HTC server is overloaded and they should try again later. However, it's been saying …


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  1. Des

    Still waiting...

    ...are we there yet?

  2. Robert Grant

    Still not working?

    Anyone else? Server load blah blah.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sites up - close but no cigar

    Spoke to an O2 person a few days ago as my XDA has a problem switching time zones automatically.

    Evidentally this upgrade fixes it. Whether it does or not remains to be seen.

  4. Alan Davies

    HTC e-Club

    Sorry, HTC e-Club is temporarily unavailable due to heavy load on the web server. Please try again later.


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still no joy

    And no WM6 either...

  6. Karl Proctor

    What about the upgrade for the Trion

    When will O2 get round to updating the software for the Trion?

  7. Andy Turner

    Hmm.. nobody suspicious?

    What's with the URL it's at? Are we sure this isn't just a scam harvesting serial numbers? It certainly gives you the same page regardless of what you type in!

  8. Stephen May

    Still not working....

    I've just tried to download the new version, and the website absolutely refuses to recognise my serial number as a valid one. Time for an e-mail to o2 methinks....

  9. james

    download is a go

    hi folks,

    thought it was worth mentioning that the update is now available for download, only works in IE and is painfully slow, but that being said update itself worked perfectly and im a very happy o2 customer

  10. Trevor Watt

    Download works in everything

    well everything but Firefox, but as the smart users use Opera then it is not an issue.....

  11. ssu

    CoPilot and WM6

    Does CoPilot still work on upgraded Orbits?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    D/l last night and upgraded the phone.

    Upgrade process is pretty straight forward and doesn't seem to cause any issues (although you do lose any installed programs - and there isn't a particular warning that this is the case).

    Been using it this morning. Like the interface and there are some nice improvements.

    Remains to be seen though whether this is the case in a month's time. Currently optimistic.

  13. Steve

    All working

    Thought I'd chime in and say i have successfully downloaded the update this morning, all installed and seems to be working. Not holding my breath though, it is an MS product after all !

  14. Steve

    Additional to 'all working'

    I best add if you have co pilot installed, be sure to read the instructons given to deactivate the license before you upgrade. if you dont, you are buggered and likely as not you will spend lots of lovely time on the phone to some helldesk operative trying to persuade them you arent installing it on a second device! be warned!

  15. christian

    RE: CoPilot and WM6

    Yes, CoPilot Live 6 is fully compatible with upgraded Orbits

  16. Jason Auburn

    Trion - WM6 Upgrade

    o2 have added the link to their site for the trion upgrade now :

  17. Grae Stafford

    and what if im not an o2 customer!!!!

    I've got a tmobile vario2 and a generic treo 750 andi want some of this Mobile 6 action!! Buggering thing is that the only updates on the TM site is from 03 to 05.

  18. Alan Davies

    02 Customer Support

    I've just called 02 and have been told that the site is not working (really??) and that it should be fixed within a month. Apparently my serial number doesn't exist! I asked if 02 planned in taking down the site whilst this maintenance was being carried out. I got no response.

    I'm curious to how anyone else has been able to upgrade their phone, or were you one of the lucky ones?

  19. Alan Davies


    My XDA has upgraded, you need to use IE to download the update :-o)

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