back to article Toshiba's burning desire for HD DVD

Toshiba has raised the bar slightly higher in the high definition (HD) format war. The manufacturer has released a notebook under its Qosmio range that is equipped with an HD DVD-R drive, further shunning the rival HD Blu-ray format. The Qosmio G45-AV680 incorporates an HD DVD-R/DVD optical drive, which the manufacturer …


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  1. Moo

    What a beauty

    It does shine with all its glory. It would feel so nice to spend 3200 dollars with this behemoth and back-up HD-DVDs.

  2. Highlander

    In the interests of fairness

    Perhaps it would be fair to point out in your adverti....I mean article, that Toshiba is the maker and backer of HD-DVD, which is essentially a proprietary Toshiba HD format. So it's hardly surprising that Toshiba would choose a Toshiba product to put in the own laptop is it? I mean, how stupid would it be for the company that is putting forward HD-DVD as a format to forgo it's own technology and instead install a BluRay drive?

    Sharp reporting there guys.

  3. Michael Martin


    If it's running Microsoft Vista, does it actually have the capability of playing full-on HD content? 'Cause if so, it will be the FIRST system I know of to be capable of actually jumping through all of Vista's utterly ridiculous encryption hoops required to play full-on 'premium content'...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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