back to article Terra Firma tightens grip on EMI

Private equity firm Terra Firma looks almost certain to buy EMI following a last-minute extension for its £2.4bn agreed bid from the music group. EMI had given Terra Firma, founded by Guy Hands, until 1pm yesterday to secure the thumbs up from 90 per cent of its shareholders, but it had only garnered 85 per cent by Sunday, …


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  1. Dillon Pyron

    Decision time

    Wouldn't it be funny if shareholders waited in hopes of getting a better offer and having the deadline expire, only to see prices drop. I've seen this happen a couple of times. Fracking greedheads.

  2. heystoopid


    Alas , it will be interesting , to see how they will perform for within less then 5 years in addition to the current rate of decline of 16% p.a. average decline in sales since peak year 2000 of the new crap or it sucks world music genre , the biggest market segment buyers will be starting to retire thus massively changing their buying habits and preferences and the fifty year end of term copy right cuts in as well thus severely impacting on the one dollar in five mechanical royalty payments , which makes for a fairly big slice of the companies profits!

    Yes , time is not on their side , unless the new generation of management is both adept and agile to the fragile and rapidly changing dynamic tastes given the demographics of the far smaller numbers of potential sales to both the Gen X and Y generation variable tastes that is/ or will be replacing the more numerous Baby Boomers of post ww2!

    What price indeed for the investors , when the all the pension funds supplying the loot for all today's market investment go from long term to maximum annual income provision to those retiring from the work force full time!

  3. Joe Good

    Guy Hands?!?!?!?!

    Why wasn't Guy Hands on your "Vote for your favorite Porn Monicker" list?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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