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Digital radio has come along way in a short time and thankfully the DAB market in now maturing with a wider range of choice that offers not only the variety of DAB stations, but also more features to more effectively exploit the digital nature of the medium. Revo Pico+ portable DAB radio Revo Pico+ portable DAB radio The …


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  1. Patch Tuesday

    not a proper comment

    interesting read, but a couple of typos:

    looses - will sureley boil the blood of many (me included usually, but Ican't be arsed todat).

    and I think it's Lamacq.....?

  2. Carl Fletcher

    Oh dear

    "Recordings made onto the SD card from live radio are in MP2, but the sound does not appear to suffer overly."

    I'd be willing to bet they don't suffer *at all* since MP2 is the format that DAB is streamed in...


  3. frank denton

    Radio Alarm?

    Do they make one with a built-in clock and a radio alarm (and snooze) function?

    Does anyone?

  4. Andrew Moore

    Revo eh???

    As I pointed out when Psion released the Revo- It's 'oveR' backwards. Prophetic.

  5. Ian Tunnacliffe

    DAB is not ready for prime time

    Not really a comment on this review, more a general moan.

    Here in the heart of the M4 corridor my DAB radio (top of the range Roberts) will only get a signal in one very specific corner of the office - which happens to be the other side of the room to my desk. My kitchen radio at home is OK but only because I have it connected to a roof top aerial.

    Until DAB can be used in the same way as conventional AM/FM radio ie carried around in a pocket, run on cheap batteries, used in the car and simply WORK reliably there should be no question of "shutting down" the analogue signal as I have seen suggested in some corners of the press.

    Until then, this is a very pretty toy but will have no measurable impact on real-life radio use.

  6. Mark Butler

    Just a few points...

    Firstly, the recording output is MP2 because that what the DAB standard uses. There's no point transcoding and losing quality. Dump the data stream directly to the disk in the same way that some TV capture cards dump the raw MPEG stream to disk.

    Secondly, what are you talking about, Steve Lamacq is awesome :-)

  7. Simon Greenwood

    Re: Radio Alarm

    I have a cheapy (£30) DAB radio that has an alarm function that I got from Maplin last year. There are a few on the market of varying utility, and if you search on 'dab radio alarm' you 'll find them, although you will also find one well known British brand name that it's probably a good idea not to but. Not naming any names.

  8. Nick Pettefar


    You wrote: "The SD card also allows the unit to connect to a computer and download existing music files." Do you mean that the unit has memory that you can store mp3 tracks onto and play them back whenever you want?

    You continued in the same paragraph: "Connect up the radio, you will need your own USB cable as this appears to be the only accessory, which does not come with the product." I can't get my head around this sentence, what do you mean by this?

  9. Steve Gill


    frank :

    Do they make one with a built-in clock and a radio alarm (and snooze) function?

    Does anyone?


    Most of the larger format DAB radios have all those functions.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "the sound looses a little of its reality and bounce"

    It does WHAT?

    If people use 'loose' when they mean 'lose', what do they use when they mean 'loose'?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't see it mentioned here or on the Revo website, but does it have ye olde antiquated RDS display on FM?

  12. alan buxey


    so...after all these years and still Pure Digitals 'The BUG' is stil to be compared against as the standard bearer?

    SDCARD recording (MP2 of course!) with pause/rewind etc. external antennae connector, Digital output, stereo speakers, multi function alarm clock, program guide etc.

    its wierd though, patching a radio with firmware.....

  13. Chris

    Here, here

    "its wierd though, patching a radio with firmware....."

    I had the very sentiment upgrading the firmware on my Pure One last year. :)

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