back to article PSP owners to get Lost early 2008

Sky has announced a deal with Sony to provide video content to UK PSP users, which can be downloaded over Wi-Fi or via their computer. Due to launch early next year, this will be the first official video service for the PSP in Europe. But Sky isn't just promising content from its own channels. Its hope is to manage a video …


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  1. Jerome

    Try harder

    Surely the headline would have been better as "PSP owners can get Lost"? If you give me a job as your proof-reader (and you can't deny you bloody need one) I'll happily lend a hand with the headlines too.

  2. thomasthetanker


    Why on earth would I want this when I can have the enormous range and excellent value of UMD's?


  3. Shad

    Re: Proof Reading

    Well, you must remember that headlines are written to attract readership, not be grammatically correct.

    In this sense, the headline is actually a pretty decent play on words.

  4. Name


    Cough:::: Torrents, One Click Hosters, Usenet, ::::::Cough, Video Converts, COUGH::::::COUGH:::

This topic is closed for new posts.