back to article Man still top dog at poker

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) wrapped up its Man vs Machine Poker Challenge yesterday, and, as we had suspected, the human element won out, although the margin of victory was not overly large. Poker is a tricky game to teach a machine. Computers are inherently deterministic and …


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  1. Ash

    Beating the system...

    This sounds a lot like that situation of the Chess Master playing Deep Blue (Or whatever the current iteration of Chess Machine is). The Master deliberately set up a situation where the Machine would predictably perform a certain move which was a set trap by the Master. It took human intervention on behalf of the Machine to overcome this obstacle.

    I assume (not being an expert in such matters) that simply playing haphazardly and not sticking to a definable routine would fool all of these systems, for instance Folding on high value hands.

    Maybe they should link it up with the National Criminal Database and look at the shifty photos of cons to compare facial expressions?

  2. Sam


    Good poker players don't gamble

  3. lucas


    Tell me, how is a human supposed to "read" the computer?

  4. Jim

    Anyone for a bit of maths?

    "...playing Texas Hold'em against one person, where only two cards are unknown..."

    From experience, I would say that when playing this game there are always 45 'unknown' cards regardless of how many people are sat around the table (assuming a 52 card deck).

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