back to article Stripogram councillor rocks Devon Lib Dems

Three Devon councillors have quit the Liberal Democrats after discovering that a fellow party member is offering herself as a £75 a pop topless stripogram, the Telegraph reports. Jessica as seen online Myrna Bushell, 34, secured a seat on Bideford council in May, along with hubby Mel. Voters were probably unaware, however, …


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  1. Jim Hunter

    Devon knows... they make it so steamy!

    Ok Ok I'll just go and get my coat

  2. Charles Calthrop


    From her website: If you are a professional photographer or boxing promoter then Jessica is the ideal candidate.

    I'd never heard of topless boxing before.

  3. Nick Kew

    Comment from a local ...

    [Not really local, but from within the same parliamentary constituency, so more-or-less local in political terms]

    The libdems aren't taking us seriously. Our old libdem MP retired in 2005 and they gave us some candidate with no local credentials, so the (local) Tory won it.

    The Mayor of Bideford (and thus presumably overlord of this unruly rabble) was our Green party candidate, and seemed quite impressive for a politician.

  4. Mark

    One Wonders

    If paying £1.50 a minute is a guaranteed way of getting access to your elected representative.

  5. Lloyd


    She certainly has a face for politics and not stripping.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Two Inch nails

    With two of the councillors called Inch - and the other called Church the headline is sorely lacking tabloid skills.

    "Sexy councillor causes embarrasment in two Inch men"

    It's a friday afternoon FFs can't someone do better than that ?

  7. Gilbert Wham

    How much would you pay?

    NOT to have, say, Anne Widdecombe shake her mimsy at you?

  8. Anton Ivanov

    They forgot the Liberal part of "Liberal Democrats"

    Frankly, this is quite tame compared to some examples from the recent California governor campaign, never mind Chicolina and the EU parlament, recent "example" marine veterans on US TV, etc. Do not see what the fuss is all about. After all they are supposed to be LIBERAL Democrats. Right?

  9. Rob


    "Church and two Inch men withdraw after Bushell comes clean"...

    Any good?

  10. Mark Lawson

    So she's left them short of two Inches?

    I'll get my coat.

  11. call me scruffy


    The "Principles" of every Lib Dem campeign in history has been

    "Say whatever the voters want to hear", surely she's the (ahem)Model lib dem!

    (As for integrity, how many lib dem leaders have been caught with a bit on the side so far?)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lib Dem's members shrink by two inches

    I'll get my hat, coat and spangly bra

  13. Chris Collins


    So are they protesting at this not being saucy enough for the Lib Dems? Mark Oaten had rent boys crimping one off in his mouth.

    I hope one of her many costumes is "The Inquistor", where she wears a hood.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Reg is slipping...

    Not a single mention of the fact that her ward is Westward Ho!?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The ultimate politician

    At least you know she's for sale and at a reasonable rate, too!

    And I bet her back-room deals all have happy endings.

  16. Chris Redpath

    How about these?

    "Lib Dems lose Two Inches to Stripogram"

    "Phone sex not popular in Church"

    "Two Inches out, Stripogram stays"

    etc. etc.

  17. Alien8n

    get voting

    She'd get my vote at least. Better than the normal run of the mill "I'm whiter than white, no don't believe the lies told about me in that libel case I lost last year" politicians we normally have to put up with

  18. DivisionBell

    All good fun...

    Stripper outs Lib Dem Church member, two Inches short.

  19. Graham Marsden

    An honest politician...!

    So, let's see...

    We normally get politicians who preach morality or family values or other wholesome virtues who then turn out to be having extra-marital affairs or mired in sleaze or to have smoked dope.

    Here we have one who is up front (shut up!) about what she does and people criticise her for being honest?

    What does that say about UK politics?!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would the honourable member please rise...

    Surely some mistake, isn't the liberal party meant to be, well, liberal or are they worried that she's too close to the local Conservative member (fnnarrr)

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That site is pretty awesome

    Forget the stripograms, I'm more interested in getting a gorillagram from her.

  22. John Lewis

    A Devonshire boy says

    They're certainly not liberal up there in Bideford, nor democratic by the sound of least the girl's earning an honest living, albeit a risque one, and no doubt entitled to vote, and therefore to stand (for election, that is!).

    Send Jessica down to my end of the county, she'll get my vote: far better value than the living dead who tend to stand for election around here. I can probably persuade Nick Kew to vote for her as well (I see he's commented above), so that's two votes for starters!

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