back to article BOFH: Moving faster than blame

>clickety< >clickety< >tip< >tap< “ >clickety< >tap< >clickety< >clickety< >tap< >clic..< >tap< >tap!< >TAP< >TAP!< >TAP!< "Financials server's not responding again!" the PFY says, looking up from his monitor. "Hmmm. >click< ping test says it's up - must be just the app." >clickety< >tap< >clickety< >tap< "Yep, I can …


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  1. Ross Fleming

    re Please, please, please, ...


    works for me on my phone - especially from the pub.

    Or, use Opera Mini as the browser on your phone. Makes el reg <10K per page - shouldn't cost you a fortune that way!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BOFH RSS Feed

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    r.e. Please, please, please, ...

    I cant remember how but a while ago I managed to configure my pc to recieve BOFH rss feeds.

    It uses this url :

    I've got this programmed into my Windows Live Mail Desktop.

    Doesn't give you the whole story, but lets you know when there is one avaliable.


  4. heystoopid


    Hmm , this reminded me of a clown and pretender I used to work with many years ago , who's sum total of knowledge of all systems was so small it was in the sub nanometre range , his teachers had filled his head with obsolete useless propaganda and now identical clones with the same dumb ideas are working for a big local Telco , whom they appear determine to cost it at least another 50% of it's current customer base!

    Alas , the last I heard was he had fled all his silly incompetent ideas and basically stupid mistakes some 12,000 miles away in order to work for some Bank that is diluting all it's shareholders stake to take over a bigger Dutch Bank and selling a big slice of the new entity to "the bank" behind the bamboo curtain which is financing the take over deal with billions of dollars of cash supplied by gullible and greedy Yankee corporations seeking the cheapest deal and the highest price that can be milked from the end user! Such attrition will ultimately kill themselves with their own greed! , should the continued the Stock market on Wall Street , remain in the current free fall state and appears to be a precursor to that which happened some 80 plus years ago , and as was predicted by a Russian Mathematician!

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