back to article Does HP have $1bn worth of Bull?

If you're inclined to believe published reports, then HP's set to buy French computer maker Bull. Bull's shares jumped close to 8 per cent Thursday on speculation that HP will deliver a $1bn acquisition bid. The two companies are said to be in advanced talks, while Morgan Stanley and Freshfields help seal the deal to capture …


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  1. Acme Fixer

    Full of Bull?

    We're full of Bull, we still have a Bull Mainframe. And we also have an HP Itanium. So when everything's done, I guess we won't be so full of Bull anymore! ;-)

  2. Vernon Lloyd

    Does this mean.....

    ......that I might actually talk to someone closer to the UK when logging a call and not the Middle East?

    Does that mean a 24hr callout for parts and engineers will take place within 24, not 240 hours?

    Does that mean that they may not be out of stock of HDDs and Motherboards (the reason for the excuse of the 240hr response)?

    Does that mean PCs with not have to be opened to remove the loose screws?


    HPs kit is cheap and cheerful but their support is lacking......well support...:-)

    At least when I say the service is a load of Bull they may agree.

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