back to article Jordan names sprog 'Princess Tiaamii'

Bulgarian airbag platform Jordan, aka Katie Price, and "pop star" Peter Andre have named their recently-arrived sprog "Princess Tiaamii", the BBC reports. Jordan told OK! magazine the first name reflected the fact the girl was "our princess", while Andre concocted the second by combining his dear old ma's name with that of …


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  1. DAJ

    Once again.....

    This is relevant to technology in what way?

    I can read hundreds of other web sites if this tat interested me in any way.

  2. Steve Evans

    What are these people on...

    Too many celebs call their dogs Tinkerbell?

    Pah... That's nothing to the number that call them Princess!

    Oh well, at least they can afford the shrink bills the poor child is gonna need!

  3. Mike Taylor

    The question is...

    ... is that worse than the Cinderella and Merlin who live down my way?

  4. Mike Taylor

    Hang on...

    ...that's a nintendo game

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well, another celebrity child thats going to end up in expensive therapy. What is it with so called celebrities just HAVING to have kids with unique/rare names? Why couldn't they just have called her susan and have done with it?

  6. Chris Miller

    Meanwhile, back on 'Countdown' ...

    ... "Another consonant please, Carol"

  7. Nick L

    Should be thankful...

    Could have been worse.

    There is a story in Freakonomics about a boy being named, well, they pronounce it "shuh teed". The second part of the name is head. The first bit is anglo saxon for faeces

    It should also be pointed out (before someone else does) that the shuhteed story is believed by some to be an urban myth.

    Calling the first one Junior and the second Princess: you can't fault their imagination, can you?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kid in therapy?

    Of course the kid is going to end up in therapy. Their parents are Peter Andre and a blow up doll!!!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "We've put an accent over the first A to make it more exotic and two Is at the end just to make it look a bit different."

    Like it wasn't already different and exotic enough? Now, I've nothing against using composites of "normal names" to come up with something a bit more originial; why limit yourself to historically used names, after all? But putting random accents and double-is without regard for the way it reads is just cruel. Nearly as cruel as calling her "Princess". Totally unsuitable for public usage. How about calling a child "Primeminister".

  10. Steven


    "It's exo-ic!". Very little difference between these two and "the Slobs" of Harry Enfield fame.

  11. Tom Peach

    RE: Once again.....

    After the brilliance in opening the article "Bulgarian airbag platform Jordan," I think they can be excused

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Once Again...

    this is quite possibly the reason there is an odds and sods section on the site :)

  13. david wilson


    Does anyone follow up and ask what the kids think of their names when they grow up, whether it's a kid of 'celebrity' parents, or of some random who names their kid after all the players on their favourite football team?

  14. Karl Lattimer

    You can't help but wonder...

    Why celebs always insist on calling their kids unique names, when I say unique I mean ridiculous. I think its something to do with their desire to sound classy, but when you're in a supermarket and some gruff chavvy bird screams chardonay down the isle and 15 little girls turn around you've gotta start wondering.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This sounds familiar...

    Jordan elaborated: "We've put an accent over the first A to make it more exotic and two Is at the end just to make it look a bit different."

    Shh, I hear whalesong!

  16. Simon Greenwood

    It's good

    but it's not Spudulike.

  17. Les Matthew

    Re: Once again.....

    Well don't read the articles that are under "Odds & Sods/Entertainment" ;)

  18. Chris Thorpe

    Fanboy status?

    The only thing missing from this story is the lovely couple's fanboy status. Given the cheapskate move to combine two names into one, I'd say they were PC users. Oh, and, please drop all those tedious IT stories, as bizarro celebrity troll-bait is clearly of more relevance.

  19. The Mighty Spang


    God came to me in the night and told me to apologise to the people of britain for the floods. apparantly he was trying to remove this couple from the planet and missed quite spectacularly.

    apart from that, poor Frogmella.... bad name, tasteless parents.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Fuck off and do so then.

  21. Mark

    Where's the problem?

    If your not interested in the news item...just dont read it. Like I'm not really interested in how many PS3s are selling atm, so I dont read articles on it (for example)...simple aint it?

  22. Hate2Register

    You are SO predictable..

    I might just name my child "Jobby" or "Plop" just to get twitches out of you funny, peculiar people.

    What on earth differerence does it make what they call their brat? And please stop pretending to care.

  23. Iain

    Re: Follow-up

    Dweezil and Moon Unit seem quite happy with the names their dear old dad (gawd bless him) gave them.

  24. Alan Gregson

    re: Follow Up

    Frank Zappa's eldest son Dweezil is actually called Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa, because the Presbyterian Hospital where he was born refused to register a child called Dweezil.

    When Dweezil found out he was actually called Ian he was a tad upset and changed his name formally to Dweezil.

    So not everyone wants a straight name, although how his siblings Moon Unit, Ahmet & Diva feel about their names is not known

  25. Jonathan Richards

    All in a fine tradition

    > I might just name my child "Jobby" or "Plop"

    You might as well celebrate your family names, in the same way as Peter and and Katie.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do you wanna touch me there? Where? There? Yeah!

    "the shuhteed story is believed by some to be an urban myth"

    Crumbs, Wikipedia has started writing comments for The Register ;)

    I heard it as "sh'thead", pronounced "shiv-eed", although the teacher reading out the class roster was unable to grasp this; it was a quasi-racist jab at the trend amongst a certain segment of American society to adopt made-up "rootsy" names that look and sound like Klingon.

  27. Chris Bradshaw

    to DAJ

    I can read hundreds of similar complaints here, too - you are wasting your time and ours... If el Reg dumped the odds and sods, it wouldn't be on the top of my list of IT news sites and I don't think I'm alone.

  28. Jim Hunter

    The bit that worries me is.........

    ......... I consider myself to be fairly level headed, and not a bit bothered about celebrity lifestyle. Probably like most people who read and comment on this site.

    But I can't help myself from standing and staring opened mouthed at this and other weird showbiz behavior.

    It's like watching a car crash

  29. Ransden Gnomefumbler


    Surely with Andre's aussie heritage Tiaamii is short for Tiaamiikangeroodownsport

  30. Chris Walker

    A car crash indeed!

    @ Jim Hunter: But one where both airbags are already fully inflated.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Anybody fancy doing the phonetic spelling for PT's name? I am struggling to work out how it should be pronouced, forigen lang is not my strong point (as english isn't at times) I can ask for most items in french, and ask directions to the beach, night club, the train station, and helpful things like " I live in a House" "i do not understand, can you speak english?" i.e basic 13 year old french!! German well that is about one lessons worth.

    Hangs head in shame

  32. Valentin

    Bulgarian airbag platform ?

    What's the phrase supposed to mean? That her breast implants were manufactured in Bulgaria or "implanted" in Bulgaria? Was one of her former boyfriends from Bulgaria ?

  33. Nexox Enigma

    Re: Bulgarian airbag platform ?

    'Bulgarian Airbags' is a term that El Reg decided to start when they published an article (That I can't be bothered to find) about a woman whose inflated breast implants actually saved her from injury during a car crash. I think that she was either in Bulgaria or was Bulgarian. I believe it now applies to any ludicrous-sized breast mods, not just the air-filled sort.

    And yeah, this sort of article and that sort of phrase is what keeps me coming back to the Reg.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Celebs should be banned...

    ...from naming children.

    They are not some fashion accessory they can stick in front of Hello or Ok magazine to make money off them.

  35. Amanda

    If they wanted a diacritical mark so badly...

    Tiaämii would cause it to be pronounced more like "Tia-ahmi"

    (wait, why am I trying to rationalize Jordan with a diaeresis? Go on with your crazy self, dear...)

  36. Feargal Reilly

    Re: Pronouce

    Seems to me it should pronounced be "foster child"...

  37. Stephen


    I can see these parents were thinking "what shall we call our child so they don't get beaten up in school?"

  38. Marvin the Martian

    Celebrity dog names

    In a surprise move, celebrities stop calling their dogs `tinkerbell' and unanimously switch to `tiaamii' with various accents and diacritics.

    I'm personally waiting for a wave of southamerican style catholic names (Concepcion, Immaculata and similar) for celebrity sprogs: Incestina, Anticonception, Fellatia, ...

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Am i missing something? or is 'Princess' not allowed anyway?

    Hang on, hasnt everyone missed something? Did anyone read the article linked at he bottom with regards to a kid being called '4real'.

    The article states:

    The law forbids "names that resemble an official title or rank, names that are unreasonably long, and names that may cause offence to a reasonable person". It also advises that parents "avoid names which would cause their child to be teased or made fun of".

    Is 'Princess' not a rank? It seems that deed poll deem it to be. Let me know if im wrong.

  40. George Johnson

    Nice one Karl!

    Exactly right Mr Karl Latimer! I once had the pleasure of standing the local Chinese take-away and was given a little insight in how these names quickly get picked up by the lumpen. Mother ( I assumed?! ) turned to 5 year old and uttered, "Oi Chanel, f**kin' knock it off now or else yer fuckin' little cow!!".

    These little celebrity rug-rats are taken away from the nanny as soon as and packed off to £40k/yr boarding school so Mum and/or Dad can get back to doing whatever it is they supposedly do best which makes them so famous!

    I'm looking forward to the next album by the Queen of the Council Estates and her Dippy Ozzie other half, only this time it will feature Princess Tia-Maria or whatever it's called and Junior! Can't wait!

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unfortunate names

    First I thought it wasn't allowed to use a title as a name in the UK, I.e Prince, Princess, Duke etc

    Secondly I know i guy called Ewan Kerr, poor sod.

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    two Is at the end

    "We've put an accent over the first A to make it more exotic and two Is at the end just to make it look a bit different."

    Did Nintendo did the exact same thing when they thought of "Wii"?

    I'm going to call my first-born iKid


  43. Chris Haynes

    Why not...

    "Goingtogettheshitkickedoutofmeatschool", as in:

    "Hi, who are you?"

    "I am Goingtogettheshitkickedoutofmeatschool."

    "Yes. Yes you are."

  44. Oliverh


    Used to be a kid in my town called Astral, and every time the kid's chavvy mum screamed at it, it sounded like Ashtray! Awesome!

    "AAAAAShtray Will you come here now!"

    Also don't you just cringe when you hear parents swearing at their kids a la "Chanel" posted by George Johnson? Maybe I mark myself as a real Conservative (Capital C) here, but I think that and spitting in the street give us a real idea of what the kid will end up like! I remember my mum giving a teenager in a lift a clip round the earhole for daring to swear in from of me and my little sister, then shopped em to the security guard of the shopping centre we were in! Classic!

  45. Mark Roome

    people people peopl

    Re: Ransden Gnomefumbler - I think that is the best one I have read in ages

    Re: Lester Haines - I love reading your articels almost as much as I love reading the comments to your articels. Somehow, no matter what you do you mange to get a wide variety of people who either love or hate your articles, all wiling to comment. When it is IT related, you get slated, when there is no IT angle, you get slated. At least you are famous :)

  46. annie

    WHO CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my god i cant believe you are all saying that. it is absolutely none of your business what they call any of their children, i think its beautiful and unique and i wouldnt listen to anyone telling me what i can and cant call my children. i suggest you stop criticising the names and comment on how well she raises her children and im sure she will be a brilliant mother to her little girl,

  47. Steve


    You'll find, if you press the keys at the far left and right of your keyboard labelled "SHIFT", that you can get capital letters at the begining of your sentences. Like a proper grown up, rather than an illiterate teenager. Clever eh ?

  48. Hollé


    Okay, PRINCESS! Nice nickname but not her god damn REAL name! Tiaamii; pretty and a nice idea to mix the two names.

    Annie, I totally agree, I think she is a brilliant mother to her children but I'm in agreement with everyone else too, princess??

    Steve, I AM a teenager [13 actually] and would like you to please retract your statement on teenagers being illiterate.

    There we are, that is me setting the world to rights as I do fairly often, usually to annoy other people.

    PLEASE feel free to set me to rights on as I have never been on this site before and am probably not going to be on it again.

    Thank you all!


  49. Hollé


    Anybody fancy doing the phonetic spelling for PT's name? I am struggling to work out how it should be pronouced, forigen lang is not my strong point (as english isn't at times) I can ask for most items in french, and ask directions to the beach, night club, the train station, and helpful things like " I live in a House" "i do not understand, can you speak english?" i.e basic 13 year old french!! German well that is about one lessons worth.

    I am a 13 year old and had a conversation with two french people the other day in school and we discussed Jordan and Princess Tiaamii actually and i wasn't the only one, a group of 11 did it too!

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