back to article Samsung spotlights 'first' five-megapixel camera phone

Samsung has rolled out its first five-megapixel, autofocus camera phone, a 1.5cm-thick slider that also packs in a large, 2.2in, 320 x 240, 16m-colour display and a TV connector. Samsung SGH-G600 Samsung's G600: firm's first five-megapixel phone The SGH-G600 also has an FM radio on board, along with the obligatory multi- …


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  1. Adriaan Brink

    Operating System Sucks

    I have in my drawer the most annoying mobile phone I ever owned - the Samsung SGH D900. I can live with the less than impressive battery life, and the 3 Mp camera is quite nice, but the operating system for all its bells and whistles drives me nuts! It is just not intuitive once you have become used to the excellent Sony Ericsson OS. It just doesnt do what you would think it should, and there are always a few more keystrokes than there should be.

    Pity - I liked the size and the camera and the synch is really good. But I got so frustrated I started throwing it at the wall!!

  2. James

    I thought the nokia N95 was five megapixel.

    I believe that it is.

    HEADLINE should read: ‘Samsung spotlights its 'first' five-megapixel camera phone’

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