back to article Conservapedia too pinko? Try Metapedia

Those among you who feel that Conservapedia - the "conservative encyclopedia you can trust" dedicated to countering liberal bias - is not sufficiently tough on Marxist-Leninist dogma are directed forthwith to Metapedia, the "alternative encyclopedia dedicated to the pro-European cultural struggle". Metapedia sets out its stall …


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  1. Les Matthew

    I've always thought

    that racism is a bogus term.

    We are "all" members of the human race are we not?

  2. Lloyd

    Oy, Lester NOOO!

    We'll have none of that lefty nonsense on here, everyone knows the only one true online encyclopedia is

  3. Gav

    just another stupid website

    There are plenty of websites set up by extremists and nutters that haven't been linked and picked over by The Register, so what makes this site different? It's not that much harder to set up a wiki than it is to set up a website.

    Why does the fact that it's a wiki automatically mean it's worth our attention?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here's one on Himmler to get them started

    'Heinrich Himmler rose from his provincial roots as a Bavarian chicken farmer to cut a fashionable swathe across 1940's Europe. His daring black uniform and jackboot collection accessoried with silver runes proved to be the main talking point at Nuremburg during 1945. Himmler is today best remembered as an enthusiastic sponsor of archaeology and his Ahnenerbe organisation is very much the model for Channel 4's popular 'Time Team'.'

    Anyone willing to do the definitive historical biography of von Ribbentrop - stressing his expertise in the champagne market and taking care to avoid any mention of those unfortunate war crimes?

  5. Adrian Waterworth


    ...this one merits a mention because it styles itself as "The Alternative Encyclopaedia" and would appear to be attempting to present itself as some kind of serious reference site (for those gullible enough to take any wiki article, or indeed any other web item, without the appropriate dose of salt).

    Under those circumstances, this one arguably becomes more of an issue than a.n.other looney-tunes site that wears its political bias rather more openly on its sleeve. Not that there's anything wrong with political bias per se - that's where the whole free speech things comes in - just that such political bias should at least be obvious or easily deduced.

    Something like that anyway.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    don't forget

    that Himmler also was hell of a topless dancer.

    Thanks to El Reg for linking this. Now I can quench my thirst for rune-related issues and learn to resist... the urge to fill this thing with ridicule.

  7. Barry Carr

    Is this wiki....

    ...sponsored by the Daily Mail, by any chance?

  8. Morten Ranulf Clausen

    They forgot one fact...

    I've got this priceless encyclopedia from 1936 with the most fascinating facts about political figures (esp. given that Denmark was quite friendly with Germany at the time - not unlike our relationship with USA today). Himmler is described as "a German farmer and politician". And that's it. Nothing about GeStaPo etc. He would have quite liked that characterization today, methinks. :-)

    Wasn't he into chickens or some other feathered creatures? I mean, professionally, as a farmer.

  9. Fred Fnord

    I heard...

    ...that Himmler was an expert in animal husbandry. At least, until they caught him at it.


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