back to article HP bids $1.6bn on Opsware, $214m on Neoware

Deep in the bowels of Hewlett-Packard's financial department, the person in charge of the company's checkbook has writer's cramp. The hardware maker has announced today the proposed purchase of not one, but two companies. Grabbing the spotlight is HP's $1.6bn bid on data center software company Opsware, followed by the somewhat …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Words, words everywhere and not one worth reading

    "The company's CEO Ben Horowitz is full of piss and vinegar about the deal. ... Whether or not the acquisition will truly be forever scorched into the pages of history, destined to be recanted by generations of school children or relived through the strumming of wandering bards and masterful storytellers remains in the air, frankly."

    Look, I understand El Reg is funny and irreverent, but this is just padding out the word count. You might as well say you have no idea what these deals are about and why they might be important.

    Oh, and on a site it really should be "cheque".

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