back to article The audience cackles as Sony launches Crackle

You may have heard that Sony has renamed the Grouper user generated website that it bought a while back for some $65m, as Crackle, and begun trying to drag its content into the professional zone by putting up minor amounts of content that Sony owns to make the professional level of the site stronger than, say, YouTube. We …


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  1. Sean Aaron

    That's always been their problem.

    The company expanded into different territories, but never acted like a complete company, something that really killed the MD before it got to where it could have had mass-market appeal and replaced CD: the music arm would never allow it to become an open licensed format like CD or Cassette for fears of piracy.

    It should either be split into its separate parts, die or work together as one organisation already. Why any CEO who goes in there cannot see that is beyond me.

  2. mohatma

    spot on!

    Sony is a wildly mis-managed corp... i imagine the half-baked approaches, mis-managed projects, and insipid DRM-only approach to be the result of raging internal corp wars among the suits running the different divisions...

  3. andrew

    Actually visited the site?

    It's no secret that Sony has struggled to synergise their content and hardware operations, but making comparisons with Apple and Fox is stupid.

    The concept that Sony should give away their content to owners of Sony products is interesting... I'd like to see you sell that to the rights owners (which is not Sony in most cases, Sony is merely the distributer of the content).

  4. Alan Donaly

    of two minds

    There has to be a way to save this not altogether without

    value company from some of the nasty dross they picked

    up by way of corporate yo-yo's now their pricing is all over the

    place their aquisitions are pathetic and generally their corporate

    leadership seems like a bunch of complete dimwits. They

    must have hired a bunch of American business graduates

    the only money those people know how to make is for themselves.

  5. calagan

    Awesome hardware, poor software

    Sony has a history of building great hardware, while spoiling it all, bundling it with terrible software. The first thing that comes to mind is the Connect Player that came with most Sony mp3 players, but I'm also thinking about the XMB GUI, which is largely the reason why the the PSP and PS3 are not doing as well as they should.

    It's about time Sony invests big bucks in their own teams of developers instead of acquiring half-decent online services like Crackle.

    An interesting new way to delivering multimedia content would be to use Home (a kind of game-oriented Second Life for the PS3) so that they would achieve what Joost is failing to achieve: building communities around the media they deliver.

  6. Connor Garvey

    Visit Crackle

    I can't believe that the reviewer spent much time reviewing Crackle before writing this ... review. The videos are mostly high quality and it lends itself to more Web 2.0 style sharing than YouTube. Also, Sony does advertise their movies, music and hardware, including cameras, on the site.

    Please. No more of these sensationalist articles. Reviews based on reasoned evidence are much more useful.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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