back to article Oracle refutes 'SSH hacking' slur

An investigation by Oracle has revealed the none of its systems were involved in launching a recent brute force attack on secure servers around the net. From the beginning of May until earlier this week, "compromised computers" at Oracle UK were listed among the ten worst offenders on the net for launching attacks on servers …


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  1. Martin Ostergaard


    We all know that data from companies who are in charge of investigating themselves is very reliable information. Nothing could motivate them to lie less than losing revenue over being considered insecure, and of course there are the moral implications of lying.

    Oh wait...

  2. James Grinter


    I'm sure I remember seeing a hostname with 'proxy' in a referenced article. But they wouldn't allow external connections to come through web proxies and go back out, would they?

  3. brian

    Oracle is honost...

    Oh wait, no their not..this coming from a company that had promised to get online registration set up for the community college I attended by 2004, couldn't meet their own deadline and now is threatening legal action against the school if they break the contract with them or go public about Oracle's failure.

  4. john frey

    What a cynical bunch

    I suddenly feel so at home after reading the above comments. My immediate reaction to the "story" was disbelief. Now I know I'm not alone. :-)

    We definitely need more information to make this story even slightly believable.

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