back to article Taser markets electric cattleprod gun to the laydeez

It's well known that if you want to sell women stuff, it needs to be pink. There's just something about the colour that triggers a possessive lust in their illogical minds, forcing them to buy things. Apparently. pink taser Taser C2: the handbag just got more dangerous. The pink girly-marketing phenomenon is already …


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  1. Richard

    One for the chavs....

    If you ask me, and you probably wont!, wont this just lead to a load of chavs zapping you on the way home from the pub wanting some of your takeaway?!

    Sticks and stones may break my bones...but a tazar will bloody kill me!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So She says.........

    I've got PMT and a Taser aimed at your 'Nads. Now what were you saying?

  3. Paul

    Easiest marketing job ever....

    There's no "apparently" about it, pink in womens minds means BUY, with extreme predjudice if necessary.

  4. Richard Washington

    Well actually.....

    Not to piss on anyone’s parade but to electrocute actually means to kill or execute using electricity.....I don’t think TASER would appreciate the suggestion that their device is lethal.

    "I would suggest an alternative caption "And if you get in my way I will f**k you up."



  5. Les Matthew

    From its shape

    It looks kind of dual purpose to me. ;)

  6. Stu

    Available in UK? I think not!

    Relevance of any IT angle aside (not that this matters) its also somewhat irrelevant because they're actually illegal to sell in the UK, and I think illegal to use- you can face serious assault charges I think.

    Perhaps some illegal taser trafficking consignments are in order!?

    Maybe not.

    One for the 'right to bear arms' yankees amongst us then.

    Next up is pink with sparkly bits, tassles, and D&G styling - built in mascara tray and mirror, lipstick pops out like a stylus! For the secret-agent superfox!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Land of the not so free (from fear) and home of the well armed

    Heston wont like this one little bit, non lethal and pink. The shock alone will cause a rash of strokes and Myocardial infarctions amongst the upper echelons of the NRA.

    Still i am sure they will recover when they realise that its better for little Missy not to given a big ugly gun to come down to their bar er range to practice with.

    Still if they want to buy it then good on em for selling it, as long as its not over here.

  8. this

    I dont think so

    Fortunately, I imagine this would be illegal in the UK. Though I imagine it will make its appearance 'on the street' eventually - (probably not in pink ).

  9. Danny Thompson

    This stuff is already here

    Leccy stun gun technology is already here in yer local fug's hands. Law abiding folk don't carry this stuff around because they're just that, law abiding. Which makes us legitimate targets for the fraternity that do already arm themselves with knives and "shooters" that we read about almost daily in the errr ummm daiies.

    I don't think I'll be any more impressed at being zapped with one of these by a local Chav'ette whether it is in [literally] Shocking Pink or any of the other colours.

    I would, however, appreciate the legitimate possibility of being able to give back as good as offered - if only the law which no longer protects us will allow us to protect ourselves. Perhaps when we finally fall into line with Europe we'll be able to carry "protection".

    Dream on.

  10. Dillon Pyron


    a) el Reg got a badly Photoshoped copy of the picture or b) the color on my (my client's) laptop is off. That looks more like lavender than pink to me.

    $300? I can get a Colt Compact for that price. Or ten cans of dye mark pepper foam.

  11. Trevor Watt

    In the UK this device would be classed as prohibited under the Firearms Act.

    Anyone caught carrying one let alone using it would find them self on a 2 to 5 year custodial.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wanna bet?

    I say that it'll only be DAYS between these things hit the market and the first ex-(boyfriend/husband/lover) gets a taste of 'pink justice'.

    I'm sure there's good money to be made in this pool.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Set Tasers to pun

  14. Graham Marsden

    @Danny Thompson

    > I would, however, appreciate the legitimate possibility of being able to give back as good as offered - if only the law which no longer protects us will allow us to protect ourselves.

    You rather miss the point that if someone decides to mug you using one of these you won't *get* the chance to "give back" because you'll already be dancing to the tune of a few thousand volts!

    That is why they were made illegal in the UK because someone quite sensibly realised that unless you're walking around with it in your hand all the time the mugger is going to get in first.

    Better nobody has them.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    lol wut

    There were 103 Taser stun gun-related deaths in the United States and Canada between June 2001 and March 2005, according to an Amnesty International report.


  16. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    Hi, is this seat >BZZZERT!!<

    So ... now the ladies will tote weapons usually in the hands of a BOFH. Which will be fun to watch when some dude tries some of those real bad pickup lines...


  17. voshkin

    Shock resistance

    Having been shocked more than once, and even hospitalized once (as a child[!]) after failed experiments that involved electrical energy with a bit higher magnitude than what this puny device can master, I relish an opportunity to be attacked by one, laugh about it, and then see how the attracter will react to the shock of having this device administered, and activated as a suppository.

  18. Rhys


    Only if they come with a picture of a thug on the box, I have one that has a picture of a cow on the box, and only needs a few solder blobs to change it from annoying to a bull to incapitating to a thug.

    Any thug with an internet connection can learn enough on the dark side of the net to turn a 4 D cell bull stick into a tazer. turning the rural supplies store into an armoury worthy of the BOFH

  19. Alan Donaly

    Oh it's all very funny at a distance

    Where I live this will be under every girls christmas tree

    if not given sooner I knew a girl once who's grandfather

    gave her a real cattleprod (it was his old one he's a rancher)

    it could kill you though it was

    a bit long it was more useful when she beat attackers

    over the head with it .You can't do that with this

    pink thing.

  20. Silas Humphreys

    @Graham Marsden

    "Better nobody has them."

    Welcome to politics, where everybody shares the delusion that criminals obey the law...

  21. Nick Galloway

    Singapore solution

    If you want to clean up the streets use the Singaporean solution. Anyone caught having commited a crime with a weapon will have the self same weapon applied to them. If it kills them well sorry but that was their premeditated intention when they commited the crime. Going equipped with a tazer should have in the back of the possessors mind that it may result in it being used upon them!

    There is that old Christian phjilosophy, do unto others as they would do unto you. No respect for those without respect.

  22. mario


    Welcome to planet USA, where they sell you a cattleprod with the argument that your neighbour is actually a madman because he bought one yesterday...

  23. Graham Marsden

    @Silas Humphreys

    > Welcome to politics, where everybody shares the delusion that criminals obey the law...

    And, of course, "An armed society is a polite society".

    Isn't it...?

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    pink is patronizing

    As an owner of a vagina, I would prefer a snub nosed gun over a taser. ^_^

    *hugs shiny snubby*

  25. carrie

    as the owner of another vagina and a 'right to bear arms' yank

    I concur. I like my AK-74 much, much better, and have never whipped it out during an argument. That would be irresponsible. I prefer to outsmart my opponent. More satisfying.

    There are a few people I'd sometimes like to pistol whip (usually during meetings), but the AK is a bit overkill.

    'Pink justice,' indeed!

  26. Graham Lockley


    .. the thought of coming across a crowd of British saturday night ladettes with these stuffed in their purses gives me nightmares !!

  27. Martin Huizing

    Try my way...

    Robber comes my way. I state that I have no cash. Robber asks what do I have. I say I can write a check. I get a pen out and ask robber to write down the amount he/she would like to have. Robber takes pen and gets a jolt from it (zapper pen). Both of us are rolling on the floor laughing. Nobody gets hurt and everyone is happy.


  28. Spike Ravenscroft

    Stick your pink!

    GRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate this assumption that all women want things in PINK!!

    You should try getting a ladies sized band t-shirt.

    The Guys get the nice black ones and the women get the stupid pink ones with frequently no choice!

    The only thing this is going to do is make a potential attacker laugh at how incredibly stupid it looks.

    I don’t believe I own any item that is pink…my boyfriend on the other hand has loads.

    ‘Pink Justice’? Pleeeeeeeeeeease. Always bet on black.

  29. Daniel Voyce

    Is this going to be allowed?

    You arent allowed to carry Mace and having a baseball bat in your car without a ball is strictly prohibited so are women really going to be allowed to carry these?

    I have no problem with it - I would much rather my girlfriend went out with a can of mace or a tazer than be subjected to the burberry clad shits we get in Birmingham than have to put her hand out and firmly say STOP for fear of infringing their human rights!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pink's passe

    But I'd buy it in purple :)

  31. call me scruffy

    Re: From The Shape Of It/Dual Use

    What's the different between a stripper and a conjourer?

    One will show you a cunning stunt...

  32. call me scruffy

    Custodial Sentance?

    What? Just like all the wannabe gangsters in London who are packing 9mm?

    Oh Phew... for a moment I thought we had a problem.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    no more waiting in line - brzzzt outta my way

  34. Louise


    I took one look at that and nearly vomited in my waste paper bin. I know, I know I'm a woman therefore must have an overwhelming deisre to but things pink, but has no one told these people that actual REAL women aren't in fact 8 year old ballet enthusiasts?!?

    What a way to get respect, respect me or I'll zap you nads! I can see that going down well in my pay review...

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I would much rather my girlfriend went out with a can of mace...

    Or not. If its windy and she's facing the wrong way, it might just get in her eyes instead.

    Wtf?? You cant a baseball bat in your car without a ball?? Is that actually a law?? O_o What if you were out playing baseball but lost the ball?

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