back to article Japanese P2P leak cop fired

A Japanese policeman has been fired after he was held responsible for accidentally leaking confidential information via peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software installed on his work PC. The ex-copper, who has not been named, lost his job with the Tokyo Police Department over the leak of personal details of 12,000 people …


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  1. Dillon Pyron

    Fired or resigned?

    Japan, where "falling on your sword" has a whole different meaning "getting handed your head" might be literal.

    I'm surprised there's no criminal prosecution. Or should I add "yet"?

    Of course, I'm surprised and disgusted at the lack of said prosecution in the US.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is a joke, right?

    Surely it would be better for the IT Department to actually look into how the P2P network was connecting?

    Shouldn't there big a big giant firewall in place which blocks this type of thing?

    Most users wouldn't know how to set up applications to use their company proxy servers and even if they did use the proxy server, surely the proxy should've been configured to only allow HTTP/HTTPS/FTP traffic through?

    This is an IT failure - at our work we have a few people who've tried to install P2P software and it just gets nowhere for the aforementioned reasons. It also creates a few minor hassles with registering apps like Adobe Acrobat, but they're happy once you point them to your proxy

  3. heystoopid

    Ho hum!

    Ho hum , hang on a minute I thought , that due to intense public scrutiny and rigorous plant commissioning trials , along with the requirement for planning approval , all power plant design and construction documents including changes are a matter of public record and are fully available to the local earthquake rescue authorities as well!

    So who or whom is telling big fibs to save face , I wonder!

    The wankers and adherents to the "Peter Principle" have struck yet again!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Japan culture

    I'm surprised there's no criminal prosecution. Or should I add "yet"?

    Well probably it is a high or semi high ranking officer

    Tradionally he will resign take the public blame and get a good "pension-job" somewhere to rake in a lot of money.

    Police is never wrong in Japan. Once you are arrested you are convicted. This is how they keep their "solved and convicted criminal cases number" so high.

    If the crime is too difficult to solve then they will just let the paperwork disappear and thus it is not taken into the statistics.

  5. Andy

    RE:This is a joke, right?


    I am with you, I think an IT bod should be ready to fall on his/her sword as well.

  6. Keith Langmead

    Internal audit?

    "The officer falsely claimed not to be running Winny in an internal audit prior to the leak."

    What kind of internal audit are they running there? He "claimed" not to running the software! Surely they should have actually checked, rather than just ask. Sounds a nice and easy audit to me, gather everyone into a room, "Right, raise your hand if you're running anything you shouldn't be on your work computer"... "no one, fantastic, that's the audit for this year done"

  7. Alan Donaly

    probably wasn't running

    Right the interal audit probably did

    check and he installed it after. This

    is pretty lame security however and

    I really don't get why he would be

    able to install any software on his

    work PC another situation where

    dumb == institution.

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