back to article Wikipedia clarifies steam pipe menace

Wikipedia moved with its customary lightning speed this morning to bring netizens the very latest in-depth information on steam pipes, one of which yesterday gave New Yorkers a nasty fright: The entry for steam pipes on Wikipedia this morning Mercifully, this entry has now been amended to remove any reference to steam pipes …


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  1. John Stumbles

    badly-written Wikipedia stub article shock horror ... yawn....

    Well they do sometimes explode, as one did yesterday, which seems to be what the article was about. Still it's good to see that Wikipedia's standards are so highly respected @ El Reg that momentary lapses from their lofty heights make front-page Reg news.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And I thought the USA had moved out of the age of steam into the electric age ... shows how much I know!

  3. Richard

    What is an acceptable Wikipedia entry?

    Could I create an entry about myself giving a full biography of my mostly boring existence, just in case I become incredibly famous at a later date through either business dealings or, more likely, some sort of crazed killing spree after years of monotonous working?

    Has anyone ever noticed that the word monotonous is monotonous to type?

  4. Ed

    Well, it was only vandalism

    The page was only like that for 3 minutes...

  5. Gerard Krupa


    This edit doesn't show in the history or the log for the page which is unusual. Even the most offensive vandalism gets recorded in the page history (see for example Are you sure Steve John isn't maybe just pulling your leg a little?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ah the forever "accurate" wikipedia

    Try looking up the order of lenin and then look at the discussion page for the stand of the sources they accepted as proof that Goerge Formby had been given the Order of Lenin (essentially a reference to h2g2 the beebs much older attempt at using a herd of autistic geeks to create an encyclopedia)

  7. Howard Phillis

    Re: Fake?

    It is in the history


  8. Ed

    Gerard Krupa...

    The page was moved to earlier today, so you'll need to look in the history of that.

    If you look at the history of you'll see that the same IP vandalised the page again about half an hour ago.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3 minutes

    Hmm, only changed for 3 minutes and someone sent a screen grab.

    Call me suspicious, but did the email from this Steve John character perchance originate on the very same IP listed in the wiki history page?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still there...

    Well sort of. The page still references explosive steam pipes. Twice.

  11. kevin prichard

    Wikipedia article on the 'splosion

    Pretty typical of Wikipedia to slot events and concepts into their own pages, rather than lump them into mega-articles. I've lived in Manhattan for 15 years, and there have been at least five steam pipe explosions in that time; plus numerous smaller ones that did not rip the street open, or fling a manhole cover into the air.

  12. Andy Bright

    Fake or otherwise it was still right funny

    Maybe Steve did hijack the entry, maybe it was someone else. But whatever else you can say about it - it did have two important factors.

    1/It was factually correct. Steam pipes are in New York and they do sometimes blow up - ask any action movie director.

    2/It was brilliantly funny in it's simplicity.

    I vote for more of these, in fact it would be not a bad thing if Wikipedia was entirely made up of entries like this one. Keep up the good work.

  13. executor485

    Funny, true, interesting?

    I didnt know that they actually blew up the streets and manhole covers, ect... I so thought that was only a movie myth. lol

    As for "vandalizing" the wiki... Yes and no. It made it funny to some degree, but at the same time I honestly believe that with something like a wiki you need to have something intelligent and useful to apply. As where a forum you can throw any random retarded, your thoughts, and what have you... A wiki is a source of information that SHOULD be factual and not have someones opinion or worthless information in it. They are in New York, intelligent information. They sometimes explode, could be useful if there was more detail. But that shouldnt be the only information on that subject.

    I take the wiki's with a grain of salt because anyone can change them to what they think or want to say... Most of the time you find decent information and fairly useful/reliable information. But sometimes it can be WAY off. But hey, its all about free speech :)

    ~Long live free speech, unless its about religion, politics, or personal opinions~ ROFL

  14. Alex Wood

    Sounds like...

    Distinctly similar to the tone of Encyclopedia [sic] Dramatica, if you happen to be immature and, ahem, like that sort of thing.

  15. Josh

    Sometimes explode

    A mouse is something used with a computer. They sometimes explode.

  16. A

    True story

    This is the reason...

  17. Michael Martin

    Re: Sometimes explode

    No no no, your article needs to be factual! I have never heard of an exploding mouse.

    Now, power supplies and monitors on the other hand...

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dyslexic Dan

    Steam is in America, New York sometimes explodes.

  19. Josh

    Re: Re: Sometimes explode

    You know how Wikipedia feels about revert wars. ;)

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Sometimes explode

    ...or Toshiba laptops.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cat In The Hat...

    I was really disappointed not to see them stick a HUGE cat-in-the-hat chimney over it like they do with small leaks.

  22. conan


    Hopefully most people don't take wikis too seriously - I use Wikipedia all the time, but only as a first step into a topic, and I don't consider it to be an authority. If theres a funny comment here and there, then I'm all in favour. No harm done.


  23. Marco

    Re: Funny, true, interesting?

    "As where a forum you can throw any random retarded, your thoughts, and what have you..."

    So where is the difference to Wikipedia?

  24. Mark Roome

    Re: Re: Sometimes explode

    Hey Michael

    A freind of mine was doing a technical course where they had to write an app (way back when they did these things) which could read the mouse movements. The only problem was that instead of receiving info from the mouse he tried to "send" info to the mouse. The result? Blue smoke - and before he could unplug it, an exploding mouse.

    This shows us 2 thing:

    1. Mice can explode

    2. Blue smoke is bad

  25. Mal Franks

    Cue the USA to start...

    ...the War On Pressure

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