back to article LMH and InfoSec Sellout unmasked?

The equivalent of a virtual nuke has just been set off in the field of vulnerability research and disclosure. The identities behind two of the noms de guerre that have elicited some of the most heated vitriol over the last 12 months appear to have been disclosed. In a post to the Fuzzing mailing list, a "Lance M Havok" (LMH) …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maturing = running while standing still ?

    " If true, it could mean that the tool written by Dave Aitel is mature enough to be of great use [ ... ] "

    "Mature enough"? That's a strange way to describe something that was released five years ago and hasn't changed in any way whatsoever since then.

    For reference, here's the changelog from, in full.

    ------------------- quote -------------------


    Released on Sep 09,2002


    * stores, compares and identifies text. Works for me. :>

    ----------------- end quote -----------------

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