back to article Bush to gong top US boffins of 2006

The winners of the 2006 US National Medals of Technology have been announced. The laureates will be honoured by President Bush in a joint ceremony with the 2005 medallists at the White House on 27 July. The US National Medal of Technology was instituted by Congress in 1980 to "recognise the significant contributions that …


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  1. Mark

    What's the betting

    That there won't be any experts in global warming on the honor lists until the next presidency?

  2. JP

    Oh course there won't...

    Global Warming doesn't exist! Why commend someone for researching something that isn't real?

    You silly thing...

  3. Chris Ellis


    JP, your either a fool or being sarcastic i'm not sure which!

  4. Lickass McClippers

    Global Warming..

    JP has a point ... sort of ...

    Global Warming is a misleading label. As our climate changes, where I live is not going to get any warmer, quite the contrary in fact.

    Can we all agree that "Global Warming" as a label sucks..?? I’m much happier with “Climate Change”.

    You can all get back on topic now, thx...

  5. Steven Knox

    National Medal of _Technology_

    Climate change isn't technology; it's science. This medal is for leaders in technology.

  6. Rick Stockton


    I'd accept invitation to the ceremony but POINTEDLY refuse to shake hands with GWB.

  7. Andy Bright

    I appologise if this is a repeat comment

    Because I feel a number of people are going to think the same thing..

    But where is the award for the twat that convinced half the US population, including the entire US Administration, that Global Warming isn't real?

    Ok, it's more of a magic trick than actual science. But we should at least consider awarding some sort of Paul Daniels/David Copperfield Award for turning the findings of real scientists into the muck that this Administration attempts to shovel in our direction.

  8. heystoopid

    Ho Hum

    Ho hum , getting awards from this wanker called Bush , is tantamount to a literal death sentence down the road!

    Poor buggers! , the academic death from a thousand back stabbers cannot be far off after this!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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