back to article CD-meets-DVD launched

Hollywood Records is attempting to breathe new life into an ailing musical format, the CD. It has unveiled the CDVU+ format, which it hopes will appeal to those looking for something more than currently offered by the standard 12cm audio disc. According to HR's Kent Bunt, the format is designed to give consumers the content …


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  1. Rob

    Another Dead Format

    Here we go, another dead format straight out of the box.

    Can't wait until they decide to fill DVD's with 80 minutes of super high quality audio. ;)

  2. Jonathan Fitt

    DVD Audio

    Surely higher quality audio is the way to sell physical disks? CDs are obviously higher quality than MP3s, but how about going really over the top with a format which is impractically large to rip without re-encoding?

    You could say, "MP3s off the interwebs are fine for your iPod, but are you really going to play them through your B&W's in the lounge?"

  3. lansalot


    So, in order to utilise this content - I presume I'll need to install something on my PC ?

    *In a 'McJob' stylee* - "Would you like DRM with that ? "

  4. Morely Dotes

    I'll have an empty one, please

    The idiots still haven't figured out that CD sales have slumped because the *content* of the disks sucks raw cess. Well, that, and the fact that only a moron would pay for something that helps support the RIAA.

    I buy music CDs *only* direct from the artists. Here in Portland, OR, we are blessed wit ha nubmer of very tallented solo and group musical acts, who produce and sell their CDs directly to the audience at live performances. Mind you, I don't buy many - probably a half-dozen or so in the past several years; but I won't buy *any* other audio CDs.

This topic is closed for new posts.