back to article AmAze hopes to amaze with free mobile route planning

AmAze put itself on the map today with the UK launch of a service providing GPS-integrated route planning and directions, as well as satellite imagery and worldwide maps. It is funded entirely by advertising and sponsorship. Run by LocatioNet, the service uses a Java application to display maps and photographs on a wide …


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  1. Tech Hippy

    Well worth downloading

    I've been using Amaze since March on a W850i. It's not fancy but more practical than a dedicated satnav for the occasional user - my total setup cost was £20 with a modern bluetooth GPS unit via eBay.

    If used in it's turn by turn directions mode (rather than map display) the data costs are very reasonable.

  2. Richard

    interview with LocatioNet President on amAze

    hi guys,

    I actually met with the President of LocatioNet and asked him a few questions on Tuesday this week about the revenue model and challenges to growth for amAze… full info at:

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