back to article Cyborg-style 'iLimb' hand a big hit with Iraq veterans

A Scottish prosthetics company engaged in publicising its new bionic hand claims to have achieved significant advances in its field - and says servicemen injured in combat "love the more robotic look" of its technology. Touch Bionics, based in Livingston, also seems set for a potentially lucrative lawsuit scuffle in future. …


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  2. Mike

    Great news for amputees...

    ..but why the crappy name? When will people realise that sticking an 'i' in front of an everyday word isn't a good way of thinking up names. It got old a long time a go when the Apple marketing machine started churning out similarly rubbish names.

  3. Craig Leeds

    Captain Cyborg

    Does are Kevin know about this yet?

  4. Sampler

    Space Commander Travis

    Why bother making the hand compatible with guns when you could as easily incorporateone into it!

    For servicemen only obviously, wouldn't want the local chav's who lost there hand in a nova related accident to have one.

  5. Kev

    Pick up the ball

    now he won't have to take the afternoon off if he wants to pick up a ball a la Lister

  6. Dan

    Handy attachments

    Finally, the 'John Storm' comic from my youth is coming true...

    Now I just need to lose a limb(!)

  7. Simon

    iWant one

    A device which is going to benefit many people. Now can we please get off the iBandwagon name.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'i' as in internet?

    Hmmm, do these things have IP addresses? :)

  9. Sean Nevin

    IP Addresses

    IP / Wi-Fi enabled limbs? Sounds like its opening the door for all sorts of amusing things.

    "Sorry boss, I didn't mean to flip you off, it seems someone's hacked into my hand contoller..."

  10. Alan Donaly

    Prosthetic brain

    When do I get a chip to augment

    my brain to make up for all those

    nights/days drinking. I also don't

    think the military needs those guys

    in harms way and so they don't need

    firearms arms it would be too much

    to assume they would fit you with

    one of these and send you back

    until your all one prosthesis.

  11. Peter Mellor

    John F. Storm and my left arm

    Dan wrote:

    > Finally, the 'John Storm' comic from my youth is coming true...


    Well, I had a look at John F. Storm's website. The picture shows him charging into battle with his prosthetic weapon blazing. Since he isn't wearing a helmet, I suppose he has a prosthetic armour-plated head as well.

    > Now I just need to lose a limb(!)

    I've already lost one, or at least the movement and feeling in it, to a brachial plexus injury in a motorbike accident in 1977. The problem with a myoelectric prosthesis (or orthosis in my case, since my paralysed left arm is still physically attached) is that it needs to take control feeds from existing undamaged peripheral nerves. A brachial plexus injury involves separation of of all connections of peripheral nerves to the spinal chord. A myoelectric prosthesis will only become workable once surgery advances to the stage of being able to connect the myoelectric arm directly into nerves in the spinal chord.

    I'm not holding my breath waiting for this, and in the meantime, I just type (and do everything else) one-handed.

    (PS: What does the "F" in "John F. Storm" stand for? :-)

  12. lightning rasmussen


    This is so awesome!!! God is Good! I pray this will get advanced very quickly.

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