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The personal multi-media category is a crowded one and has risen to a very high point in terms of consumer awareness. However, it is still relatively young and product feature development is coming thick and fast. A bit of fresh thinking can go along way. And LG are as fresh as they come. LG Touch Me FM37 MP3 player At 5. …


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  1. Rupert Stubbs

    You don't say...

    Gosh, do you really think that the iPod might one day copy LG and go touchscreen? Brave, brave guess...

  2. Chris

    touch screen

    I've always hated touch screens. I have a first G ipod (old school, with the hardware buttons and scrolly wheel), and I loved it until my battery gave the goat last year. The reason? I could control it from inside my pocket. A subtle press against my pocket and I could change songs, volume, everything. It's probably saved me from getting mugged once or twice while walking around downtown. The next media player I got is the same thing.. it was a bit older when I bought it, but it has buttons on the front face, so I can control it from my pocket without an annoying little remote (ala sony). I don't see the fascination with touch screens.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love you though you hurt me so

    "A subtle press against my pocket and I could change songs, volume, everything."

    Men love any excuse to fiddle with their trousers. "Don't worry dear, I'm just jogging my iPod", "So that's what you call it".

  4. Steve

    I shall have you know

    That 80's pop band 'Ah Ha', to whom I presumptiously presume you are referring in the title of the article, had not one, but indeed two hits.

    The first being "Take on Me", and the second (from which the 'Touch Me' reference is surely drawn) "The Sun Always Shines On TV"

    You, Sir, stand corrected, and ... I'll fetch my coat.

  5. Chris


    I guess it's best that I choose to edit out something about not having to whip my device out to fiddle with it.

  6. Mike


    I thought the reference was to the Divinyls, who had the lyrics "I touch myself, I want you to touch me." They might have been early 90's, but... who cares?

    Also, the "Sun Always Shines On TV" doesn't take away from Ah Ha's status as a one hit wonder. Even Vanilla Ice had more singles than Ice Ice Baby, but he's still a one hit wonder. Nobody remembers the names of those singles. Kind of like Ah Ha.

  7. andy

    looks a bit gimmiky to me...

    A big, colourful, battery-sucking touch screen but not enough storage space to make it any real use... Think i'll stick with my Nano...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just got lucky

    I assumed it was a reference to Sam Fox's "Touch Me". Or perhaps even Soft Cell's "Tainted Love".

    a-Ha, as any fule kno, had several hits, including "The Living Daylights", "Hunting High and Low"... and all the others. Except in the US, where they only had "Take on Me". They were not butch enough for the US.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the Creative Labs Zen Sonic Boom Boy LXG-AL Alpha.

  9. Chris Boyne


    Nah mate, you like A-ha too much. And I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but this time it has led you astray.

    It's a one-hit wonder called Touch Me (touch me now!) by Sam Fox, one of the old-skool page 3 girls.

  10. Tim


    Steve how do you get "Take on Me" from 'Touch Me'?

    Surely it refers to Sam Fox, who still had more than one hit unfortunately.

  11. Aditya M

    not that song!

    I think he's referring to the lines from The Sun Always Shines on TV:

    Touch Me

    How can it be?

    Believe me

    The sun always shnes

    on TV

    Very original, yes...

  12. Aditya M

    oh, and...

    A-Ha also had another song called "Touchy".

    The more you know...

  13. Nick Pettefar


    Are they working from a closed room? 4GB for a modern multimedia player, are they kidding? If it was 16 or 32GB then it would be something to write about. My 4GB NanoPod is full and I need more space. A 16GB would be my next purchase.

    Space - the final frontier.

  14. Josh

    Can't you see that I am not afraid?

    Obviously it's The Doors.

    Buncha whippersnappers...

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