back to article Indians slip on tobacco-flavoured condom

An Indian company has released a "paan-flavoured" condom aimed at the country's prostitutes who apparently like nothing more than chewing on the pungent mix of betel nut and spices wrapped in tobacco leaves, Reuters reports. Hindustan Latex Ltd developed the tasty prophylactic in association with public health organisation …


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  1. Robbin Nichol

    Sex workers!!!

    Hoors an jezebels! Panderers to man's lowest urges, they should be whipped, all of em, whipped I tell ye, whipped cream and a cherry on top while wearing stilettos and a sombrero. Excuse me I must visit the bathroom, where's the kleenex?


    Mason Boyne

  2. Steven


    <tongue in cheek>

    Lester once again you disappoint us with stories that don't have an IT angle!

    </tongue in cheek>


  3. Adrian Jones

    I forsee problems

    Making a condom taste like something they like *chewing*.

    <Winces & crosses legs>

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    makes sense...

    Some girls like to suck on lollipops, and some are fond of cigars... I've heard honey is a big hit as well... Makes sense that the available flavours account for most tastes. (no, I have not resorted to artificial flavouring thus far, but it has not gone unnoticed that my girlfriend is fond of honey)

  5. Craig Leeds


    It's official: Indian prostitutes will in future be referred to on El Reg as "paan-handlers".

    just spat my coffee over my desk, cheers!

    love your work!

  6. Neil

    Business Opportunity

    Am I alone in thinking that this is a *fantastic* way for girls (and boys of a certain persuasion) to circumvent the smoking ban hereabouts? ;)

  7. Jon Tocker

    @ Adrian

    Yep, that was my thought as well.


  8. Alan Donaly

    I don't get it

    Why are sex toys illegal in india?

  9. Stuart Ross

    Why are s*x toys illegal in India?

    Maybe they scare the cows?

    Maybe someone once confused the term dildo with sag aloo and got a nasty shock?

  10. Sriram Rajaram

    Not only s** toys but also s**

    In India, even s** is illegal if it is not between husband and wife. No concept of consensual s**. And no kinky stuff please, we are Indians.

  11. Thomas Fischer

    Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

    That gives smoking a cigar a complete new meaning, but helps cutting down on smoking in public. Just where there is eating involved it should be outlawed to smoke in enclosed spaces.

  12. Brad

    No kinky stuff in India?

    In the birthplace of Tantric and the Kama Sutra?!!

  13. Stratman

    Here's hoping

    Do they do aspirin flavoured ones?

  14. V.Srikrishnan

    Times change...

    To Brad,

    I think that public discussion of kinky stuff is frowned upon in india, in private its between you and your partner(hopefully wife) and one is free to put the Kamasutra into practice.

    To Sriram,

    Guess you are in America, churning out fixes for Infosys and are awed by the new found freedom there to bellyache about the native place.For the other, again, sex is not taboo in India, after all how did we reach this alarming population? public displays of affection are discouraged. This is again a cultural thing, let not someone shoulder the "white man's burthen" and launch wars against us to make us "open minded"; though i daresay we are capable of better retaliation than other targets:-)))

    To Stuart Ross,


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