back to article eBayer mails UK lad £44k

A 16-year-old Norfolk lad got more than he bargained for when he successfully bid £95 for a PS2 on eBay - the console plus €65,400 (£44k) in cash, the BBC reports. Police are currently holding the wonga - which arrived with the games console at the teen's Norfolk home back in March and was reported by his parents - under the …


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  1. Simon

    Would you?

    "Excellent deal A++++++++" then keep your gob shut.

  2. Cavan

    positive feedback

    now why would anyone report it?

    surely you'd just give positive feedback

    item much better than described; more extras included than stated, I would definately buy more PS2's from this ebayer A++++++++++++++

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blimey - was it a multiple item auction ?

    Got the Ebay item number so I can buy one too ?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They reported it?

    I normally keep quiet about the unexpected suitcases full of cash that I get delivered with my 2nd hand electrical purchases.

  5. Gilbert Wham

    Good work there!

    Way to make your kid resent you! Top marks.

  6. Tom Peach

    I'd love to see the reaction

    Of the villain/gangster who was expecting 44k and got two Play Station games instead

  7. Simon Day

    Do you really want to keep it?

    Are you sure?

    Are you really sure?

    The kind of person that is sending out 44 grand in cash and who also knows your address might not be the kind of person you want to rip off.

    I think in this case notifying the police was probably the only safe thing the family could do - though I will admit - I might have pocketed a couple of grand and hidden it before contacting the fuzz.

  8. Darren Coleman


    Strange that they reported it, and stranger still that it even arrived in the first place without getting "lost in the mail". I bet the Postie is kicking himself.

    Would £44k even fit into a Playstation-sized box?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thinking about it.....

    Would you run the risk of getting burgled after confirmation of delivery was sent to the sender?

    Seems to me to be an excellent way to launder money......

    On another note.... I thought you had to be at least 18 to buy or sell on ebay due to consumer credit and that?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not many teenagers that can scream "I hate you, you cost me 44 grand!" at their parents!

  11. MTT

    Thinking about it.....

    I agree with Paul above. I would inform the police and go through all the proper channels to secure the funds, in the most public way possible. After all, there is nothing illegal about receiving that money, though perhaps there was some illegality involved in the sending of the money (e.g. money laundering.)

    Unless the bills are marked or tracked by serial number, it will be difficult to establish an illegal connection.

  12. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Missing games?

    Missing games? Stuff that - how many football pitches would the cash cover if laid side by side or, conversely, how many football pictches worth of turf could you buy with £44k?

    Honestly, The Register is letting us all down again by not providing the IMPORTANT stats.

  13. Mitch Warner

    Which games?

    Any word on what the missing PS2 games were? My guesses would be 'Smuggler's Run' and 'Mafia'.

  14. Dillon Pyron

    Hello officer

    "Hello officer, we found forty-four, no forty-three, erh fourty thousand in a box with our son's Playstation. Do you want to come by and seize the forty, umh thirty-five grand?"

  15. Marco

    Re: Which games?

    Or "Scarface" and "The Godfather".

    Maybe it's just that Rockstar is trying to get to the "unprecedented level of realism and interactivity" in GTA IV they announced.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Be good if El Reg follows this story...

    To see if the family successfully claim back the money.

    Anyone care to make odds on the money being indefinitely held by the authorities due to further investigations?

    I reckon the PS2 itself would hold more information in the way of fingerprints, clothes particles, etc.

  17. Paul Floyd

    How much space?

    In the original article, it's 65KEuros. If they're 500Euro notes, that'd be 130 of them. The size of a small paberback. 200 and 100Euro notes would probably also be feasible.

  18. Josh

    So the cash...

    Was that the total amount of cash Sony has ripped off people from their consoles?

  19. Jon Tocker

    Re: Do you really want to keep it?

    @ Simon Day:

    65k Euro in cash? Around NZ$113,424?

    Shit, yeah! With that kind of loot, my address would be changing pretty quickly...

  20. Jasmine Strong

    44k? Changing address?

    44k GBP isn't nearly enough to buy a house with, at least not one you'd want to live in. Sorry.

  21. Greg

    You've all missed something here

    We've all missed one important question that hasn't been answered:

    Who the hell pays £95 for a second hand PS2? On eBay??

    Sounds like the kid already had money to chuck around.

  22. JR


    "I might have pocketed a couple of grand and hidden it before contacting the fuzz."

    The amount in the package may of started at £60k :)

  23. Scott Mckenzie

    Let's think of the poor kid here...

    ...not only have his parents screwed him over by giving his money away, the poor kid has been forced to buy an outdated console from eBay and worse still a PS2!

  24. Gavin

    i would have kept it

    nothing on this planet would part me from that money, you just tell the police of harrassment if the seller contacts you but i can imagine he would think the police were envolved anyway and call it a loss at that.

    44k would deffinatly be in my loft gradually paying my bills off as to not arise suspicion

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    <ebay vendor> Where on earth did you stash that drug money ?

    <ebay vendors girlfriend> Err, In that old PS2 box you've got ....

    <ebay vendor> Noooooooooooooo ....

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: 'The only safe option ...'

    I think contacting the seller would have been a preferrable safe option - definitely what I would have done. Could have cleared this up without getting the police involved, and returned the money or confirmed that sending it had been intentional (!?), without a load of wasted time with the cops sitting on it in the meantime.

  27. Lickass McClippers


    ...this thing turned up via recorded delivery, I'd be whacking up negative feedback and complaining I hadn't recieved my goods yet ;¬)

  28. Blackred

    I hope the kid...

    ...left negative feedback for the missing games. I hate it when that happens.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh my GOSH!

    After I regained consciousness, I would've reported it, too... That's like, 80 grand or something here in the US. HOLY COW! I would be worried about some drug lord coming to collect the mis-directed booty and hurting my family. If it was "meant to be" then we'd get it back from the police later. Otherwise, the rightful owner could claim it. People do the weirdest things...

  30. alan lovedog

    I know where you live.......

    if i'd received the money I'd be ever so slightly worried that the sender knew where i was and knew i had his money.

    Wouldnt put it past them to break into your house and torture you into handing it back.

  31. Law


    If he paid through paypal he would be able to get his £90 back because the item wasn't received as described!

    ....the ultimate kick in the nads!

  32. Don


    "I might have pocketed a couple of grand and hidden it before contacting the fuzz."


    Wait, how do we know it wasn't 50k originally?

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