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'What if,' said a friend down the pub the other day, when the conversation was circling uneasily for take off at that tricky third round mark, 'what if those old Greek philosophers - you know, the ones that used to sit around all day gassing - what if they had had the benefit of modern social website software, like Facebook? …


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  1. Stu


    And thus, that article was glorious.

    Made me laugh.

    Reminds me a little of the bit in 'Bill and Ted' with so-crates. "All we are, are sand in the wind, dude! Sand... Wind... DUDE!".

    Bravo, Encore, Marvellous, and all the other second rate TV stations available on your sky box.

    Keep up the good work by the way.

  2. Roger Paul


    If you have a loose licence why don't you tighten it?

    [/pet peeve]

    Great article!

  3. Michael Sheils


    A simple brilliant article, well done.

  4. Rhys

    No wonder

    Socrates drank poison if he hadto put up with that prattle.

  5. Rob


    I think that was the point. His grammar and spelling aren't that good. They're behaving like everyone on the internet...

  6. Nano nano

    Lorry T(r)ailer - thinking aloud

    Presumably the Artic Monkeys is some Eddie Stobart or Norbert Dentressangle -related music group ?

  7. Andy Bright

    Never mind Facebook

    I always thought it was a shame they never met the bloke that writes the fortune cookie messages..

  8. Chris Morrison


    The use of "loose" was the icing on the cake; so true to life. Cracking!

  9. amanfromMars Silver badge

    ARGonauts on a Quest? A Simply Complex Rhetorical Question

    "He is the richest who is content with the least. Boom, boom."

    Amen to that deep gem, Socrates.

    And on A.N.Other Real Deep Note, is the Register AI Leader in Steganographic Stealth......... Add Ministering Truths in Universal Masteries?

    Amen to that deep Node/Mother Lode/Heavy MetAI.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @the Reg team

    Can you give amanfromMars his own column? Deciphering WTF he's on about is a little like the attempting to solve the Times' cryptic crossword. While drunk.

    That way, there could be a collaborative effort from Reg readers to produce the solution to the puzzle.

  11. David Norfolk

    Disabling comments?

    In general, I don't censor comments. Amanfrommars does get rejected quite often, if he makes no sense at all, but I confess that I have a certain tolerance for the surreal...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Disabling comments?

    Don't misunderstand me - my post was intended as a positive endorsement :-)

    Cryptic clues make far more sense after a wee dram...


  13. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Martha Jones's assets

    The real question, one that has not been properly explored, is why there are not more photos of Martha Jones's posterior? That is clearly a good point for her character roll, and one that has been sadly lacking in the erudite discussions so far...

  14. Mary Branscombe

    Ignatius has joined the group

    Ignatius: I saw on Catullus' profile that you were discussing my famous dental health techniques. Of course health and beauty are key to true happiness, so I'll just tell you all a bit about the philosophy of my business..

  15. b shubin

    All that's old is new again

    brought a tear of nostalgia to my eye, it did.

    modern social networking sites are like USENET in its days of decline, but with GUI and more bugs, on higher-end hardware.

    as for the classical philosophers, good thing they had to write stuff down before they shared it. gave them time to edit it into something useful, unlike the insipid MST3K fragments we see here.

    if {given a platform even an idiot can use}

    and {most idiots can access}

    then {too many idiots will abuse it, making the platform useful only to idiots}

    else if {the platform includes methods to filter idiots}

    or {the platform requires effort and intelligence to use}

    then {the platform will be condemned as elitist - "sour grapes"}

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