back to article Buffy and Neighbours thesps join Torchwood

Former vampire James Marsters has joined Kylie Minogue among the burgeoning roster of foreign thespos selected to appear in Doctor Who and its spin-offs, the BBC has announced. Marsters, who played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and subsequently Angel, will appear in the first episode of the next series of Torchwood, and has …


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  1. Matt Owen

    STOP with the non-tech Entertainment News!

    Now, don't get me wrong. I am a HUGE Dr Who fan. I also love Torchwood even though it has it's detractors.

    I read good old el'reg for tech news. If I wanted entertainment news, I'd go and read BBC Entertainment section, or worse, pick up a grubby copy of The Sun.

    So, please, stop with these stories. They have no place here, and even worse, your headlines for the recent Dr Who cast changes have contained spoilers, which simply isn't cricket.

    Don't make me come down there and chastise you in person!


  2. Smallbrainfield

    Alan Dale

    Gets everywhere that bloke 24, Ugly Betty, The OC. I saw Star Trek Nemesis for the first time the other week and bloody hell there he was.

    I wonder if James Marsters will be giving his gorblimey english accent a bit of exercise for Torchwood?

  3. Andy S

    probably asking for trouble..

    I wonder if he will once again attempt to do an english accent.

  4. Lee Staniforth

    @Matt Owen

    Ummm... pray tell what you'd expect under the 'Entertainment' section, Matt? iPhones on telly?

  5. Steve

    @Matt Owen

    "I read good old el'reg for tech news. "

    Then why, in the name of all that's holy, did you click on a story titled ‘Buffy and Neighbours thesps join Torchwood’, you fscking muppet.

    You don't have to read them you know.

  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Get with the Project in UltiMate Programs

    "STOP with the non-tech Entertainment News!" ... Matt Owen.


    I can assure you that there is some very high-tech work going on, very stealthily, with the Register, hiding in full sight of non-tech Entertainment News and Torchwood is an interesting vehicle. But you have to concentrate for it is a Very Deep Program working across all Control Environments at a Highly Advanced Level.

  7. Kevin Peacock

    Lizard Army Conspiracy

    It is obvious that E Reg has succumbed to the Lizard Army, and are helping with their plan to attack while we are all distracted watching TV.

  8. Kevin Gordon

    Jim Robinson

    Aaaaahhhh... Jim Robinson. Neighbours was never the same after he croaked it.

    I nearly choked on my curry when he turned up in the X-files (not to mention 24, Ugly Betty, The OC).

    Rock on Jim! er... Alan.

  9. Steve Anderson

    Magic mushrooms...

    ... in the woods with Doug Willis, that's all I could think of when I saw Jim Robinson was the vice president of the USA. That episode of Neighbours was great.

    Poor Alan Dale peaked too soon!

  10. Dillon Pyron

    SciFi channel

    Please, SciFi channel, pick up Torchwood. Show it on Saturdays, instead of that horrendous crap you show. Who wants to see week after week of "who will the monster kill next"?

    And you have me waiting until what, October, for BSG.

    IT angle, the tardis has a steam powered computer, complete with pump and bicycle horn.

  11. Graham Marsden


    Not Doctor Who, Alan Who?

    From Neighbours? Oh... right...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jim Robinson conquers all.

    Also seen in Lost, one (minimum) of the CSI clones, x-files, west wing, the practice, crossing jordan, and pretty much everything else on the telly this decade.

    Someone needs to make a rock band dedicated to him.

  13. David Eddleman

    @Matt Owen as well

    As I've told the other morons who can't seem to figure it out, don't read the 'Odds and Sods' section of El Reg if you don't want non-tech news.

    C'mon, it's not *that* hard to figure out!

  14. Spike Ravenscroft


    Excellent! I'm thrilled.

    I really like James Marsters. It can only be a fun thing :D

    I hope he does get to do his v dodgy accent again, it made so many of us laugh.

    And @ Matt...What else did you expect in the Entertainment section??

    Colour me happy.



  15. Matt Owen

    @Everyone @Me

    Because... I can't seem to get an elreg RSS Feed with JUST 'Entertainment' omitted. :(

    I clicked on this story, purely to whinge about it. :)

    My main point IS tho, please keep the spoilers OUT of the headlines...


  16. Tim

    Re: SciFi Channel

    "Please, SciFi channel, pick up Torchwood. Show it on Saturdays, instead of that horrendous crap you show. Who wants to see week after week of "who will the monster kill next"?"

    Trust me, Torchwood is no better. It's week after week of "who's going to shag who next?" (and we're talking guys with girls, guys with guys, girls with girls, girls with aliens, etc).

    Sounds good actually, but I'm afraid it's not. Ugly as sin cast, vague bit of sci-fi, childish plots, the daft "we're so secret we drive around in the Mystery Machine and should out Torchwood wherever we go", and gratuitous use of sex and swearing in order to define it as "adult" by comparison to Doctor Who.

    @Matt - Geek show on a geek technology news site. Seems to be quite appropriate really ;-)

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