back to article Fujitsu fetes world's slimmest waterproof mobile

Sometimes you suddenly come to your senses and ask yourself what in the world you are doing. This happened to me today, as I was taking pictures of a bikini-clad beauty who was brandishing a mobile phone while standing up to her knees in a swimming pool on the roof of a nine-storey building in central Tokyo. Fujitsu's …


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  1. Matthew

    Not such a bad idea

    It cost me over £100 to replace my phone (having just signed an 18 month contract) when I was pushed into a swimming pool with my smartphone in my pocket.

  2. Rob

    Don't you dare....

    .... complain about your job... EVER!

    "This happened to me today, as I was taking pictures of a bikini-clad beauty who was brandishing a mobile phone while standing up to her knees in a swimming pool.."

    Please say you got her number, water proof phone or not.

  3. Rob Moss


    My dad used to have an Ericsson R320S. He once took it swimming with him. Not a problem for it. He then decided to sit in a hot jacuzzi for 45 minutes. It did take on some water, it did stop working, there were waves in the screen. But one replacement battery later and a week sat on the kitchen worktop drying out and it was working absolutely fine.

    Anyone wanna do the test with this? I'll bet it doesn't live through it, it looks flimsy.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And where does ...

    ... the bikini-clad beauty keep her phone while in the bath/shower/swimming pool? No, don't tell me, let me guess ...

  5. Dillon Pyron

    60 ft?

    Is it waterproof to 60 ft? I put my phone in my swim trunks, then forgot to take it out before putting on my wet suit. 20 minutes at 60 feet. The phone was toast (soggy toast). But the SIM survived. The guy at the AT&T store gave me a $50 discount for a funny story. He also said he was surprised at the number of people who said they dropped their's in the sink or bathtub. Which, he said, was code for "I dropped it in the toilet".

  6. James Minney

    "apparently" japanese often drop their phones in water

    That should read "Claiming that the phone has been in contact with water is the commonest way that Japanese phone manufacturers cry off fixing it under warranty". They have a piece of coloured material inside which they say changes colour if it has been in contact with water. Given the humidity in the country in summer, the phones don't stand a chance.

  7. wim

    trivia about suntan

    I doubt they will ever "showing your tanned features to your envious friends as you loll in the hotel pool." in Japan.

    The beauty ideal is here as white as virgin freshly fallen layer of snow.

    so showing tan is probably not high on the to do list.

    It is true about the piece of coloured material but I did not manage to discolor it and the rainy season just passed.

    about the names of phones in Japan

    F (is Fujitsu)

    S (Sony)

    T (Toshiba)

    and the number reflects the model and generation

    So F 704i = Fujitsu Generation 7 Model 4 I is for Imode I guess but I am not sure.

    So that means that there are 3 other Generation 7 model from Fujitsu.

    It makes sense if you understand it.

    The name is not given by the maker but by the phone company ( I think)

  8. Stu

    lo-tech solution to waterproofing???

    Strikes me as kind of obvious really...

    If you know you're going to be spending time near copious amounts of water, and perhaps in it, then why not simply tightly wrap your phone carefuly in several layers of clingfilm (saran wrap for you yanks).

    I'd bet doing so would render your phone fit for use up to six months under water to depths of 5 metres or more!

    Just dont go sharing the wrapping the same time as with your sandwiches.

  9. Peter

    If it were that aweful little "mobli" character

    I'd quite like to drown it.

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