back to article His 'n' Hers USB kits to end battle of the sexes?

Buying presents can be an arduous task, but when pondering the perfect gift for the gadget geek - or geekette - in your life then look no further than the His and Hers USB gift set. men_usb The USB gift set for men For the men, the set includes a mini vacuum cleaner with brush, a desk lamp, a cup warmer and a mood light …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Oh, it's a vacuum cleaner

    I really did wonder for a moment, seriously.

  2. Louise

    [shudders again]

    having just read the article about pink tasers I found thi srather funny. Seriously people, GROWN UP WOMEN (apart from the chavvy kind) DO NOT ALL LIKE PINK!!!! must I actually vomit on the designers to get my point across? (or possible taser some unmentionable bits....)

This topic is closed for new posts.