back to article takes corp-anthems into the developer ghetto

The barrel-scraping netherworld of corporate anthems is agog at's groundbreaking new hip-hop opus, "Dev Life". The CRM firm's late entry into El Reg's worst corporate anthem in the world - ever! competition is an undeniably shocking cultural artefact. For the weak of stomach, here's the chorus, as transcribed …


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  1. Mike


    I found the lame dancers in the background especially funny. The secret is out, nerds can't dance.

  2. Japhy Ryder

    One step beyond

    Go stick your head in a pig.

  3. tim chubb Bronze badge

    eh??? F#*@$%g EH?????????

    as title

    seriously wtf? just annother song and dance about web 2.0 aka DHTML strikes back

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Agog is right

    This tosh has HR written all over it.

    "Coders like those 'fresh' new rap bands like Public Eminem and Doctor Dray!"

    I must say I am entertaining the idea that they got Weird Al to write the lyrics.


  5. Clive Galway

    not so much

    dev life


    > /dev/null

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