back to article Second-generation Sony PSP unveiled

It seems that Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) has been working out and lost some of its puppy fat, resulting in a re-designed Sony handheld console that's 33 per cent lighter and 19 per cent slimmer - as predicted almost a year ago. PSP The PSP has now lost some of its bulk The announcement, made at the E3 games show in …


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  1. Andrew Barratt


    Doesnt look much different.

    will be interesting to see if the open firmware still works on it. Overclocking has been available with that for ages.

  2. Andy Tyzack

    looks the same

    looks the same! why bother?

  3. Law

    Sony never listens

    It's more important for them to move the analog stick a few cm's inwards... it almost crippled me on a long-haul flight to Canada a year ago... the position is terrible and alot of other people think so... it's the mod I was looking forward to.

  4. Connor Garvey


    It looks like the speakers have moved up too. If the PSP's resting on something, it often sounds muffled. I also accidentally cover the speakers with my thumbs when I'm playing. I hope the sound's been improved.

  5. Tout Beau

    Spend on R&D?

    After all the billions spent on blu-movies-ray ps3, they skimped on all that and just kept it pretty much the same.

    3 years old and still doing quite well. Screens good enough, buttons need a bit improving, games are getting better now that developers are experienced at it.

    For the late twenty and thirty-somethings its a beautiful machine. better than dated hardware of DS

    Now the only question is if Microsoft will come up with a killer product.

    Sales of ipods have dropped like a stone since the Zune was launched.

    The BSOD on a small screen. Oh wow. Cant wait!

  6. Mike

    Beautiful but........

    No question it's the most beautiful handheld about, but my GP2x, with it's nasty on/off switch and "smaller than the PSP" screen can run loads of free stuff, takes cheap SD, rechargable double As, plays DivX, loads of emulators, USB drives etc. for £125, rather than the £200 PSP with £30 a pop games and £20 films.

    Now, when the get Linux running native on any PSP without a hack, that will be something.... (where did I put that dead badger?)

  7. Tharglet

    Sony does it again!

    Forgot about the PSP - the next in line for "smallification".

    How long will it be until the doorstep-sized PS3 gets a slimming...

  8. Simon Wilson

    Sony has Lost the Plot

    Wheres the Touch Screen, the Better Analog Joystick, the redesign. Sony havnt got a clue at the moment. Look at the PS3 its overpriced, Song PSP loading times are to long, the joystick is naff. Nintendo redesigned the DS and look at the sexy beast now. Sony must be in deep trouble

  9. Andy Bright


    and at last I can pass the one I bought for my kid on to him.. probably for last Christmas or something else I was too busy to notice while playing WoW..

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Made my day

    'Sales of ipods have dropped like a stone since the Zune was launched.'

    lmfao - comedy genius....

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Video Out

    The only addition that might tempt me to buy one is the video out port. To have portable video content that I can simply plug into any other TV. But then again ... Archos have that one covered!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    'Sales of ipods have dropped like a stone since the Zune was launched.'

    Apple iPod sales have continued to grow, while sales of the Zune have only in the last month reached one million. So not the stampede that Microsoft was looking for.

    iPod leviathan shows no signs of slowing yet (but nothing is forever).

  13. Steve Barnes


    'Sales of ipods have dropped like a stone since the Zune was launched.'

    LOL! That is the response I've EVER seen! :-D

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