back to article Nintendo to let Wii gamers go for their guns

With a look that's a little reminiscent of the Austrian Steyr Aug 9mm assault rifle, Nintendo's Wii Zapper is set to help gamers dive into the melee, lock 'n' load, lay down suppressing fire and, it's hoped... survive. Wii_zapper Nintendo's Wii Zapper: I'd like to introduce you to a personal friend of mine... Mind you, it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Best looking light gun, although the recoil action on the namco timecrisis gun rocks!


    Steyr Aug 9mm assault rifle??

    The 9mm would be the Sub Machine Gun (SMG) varient, the assault rifle would be 5.55mm

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't they ever learn?

    I would be pleased to have a go on Wii Fit etc, but they should have brought out all this stuff this year, not 2008 or (since they say it is 2008) - 2009.

    Irritating short sighted unthinking so and so's.


  3. Steve Barnes

    Best Looking Light Gun?!

    Definitely not mate! Logic 3 PS099L Laser Blaster for PS2 :-D class gun, I've got 2.

  4. Karim Bourouba

    would it be better if...

    ..the nunchuck was incorporated into a fore grip, a bit like a T4?

    I am not sure I would be able to make use of the controls that much with it stuck in my armpit - I assume that the end of the rig is a shoulder butt?

    having a fore grip would give a certain carbine feel to it all...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'With a look reminiscent of the Steyr Aug 9mm assault rifle, '

    Hmmm more like Apple trying to break into the notoriously conservative artificial insemination market.

  6. randomtask

    Re: Nice


    Steyr Aug 9mm assault rifle??

    The 9mm would be the Sub Machine Gun (SMG) varient, the assault rifle would be 5.55mm"


    I think it looks great and some of the other announcements are great too. However, i still think it all seems a bit fad-ish all the same!

  7. Matthew Sinclair


    Metrioid Prime 3 HERE I COME!

    too bad its the "final chapter" but you never know!

  8. Greg

    Re: Nice

    "Best looking light gun, although the recoil action on the namco timecrisis gun rocks!"

    Best looking? As a hardened light gun gamer across 8 consoles, I suggest you look up the PS099L for the PS2 - arguably the best light gun ever made. Jet black, comfortable, full recoil, backwards compatible, comes with a reload pedal and even has a laser sight. Not bad for £20.

    Already seen another clip-in thingy to emulate a light gun on the Wii. Why not just make a dedicated piece of hardware that has the Wiimote hardware built in? Bit more expensive, but I bet it'd be nicer to use.

    Personally, I'm hoping Sony or someone else makes a PS099L equivalent for the PS3 in time for Time Crisis 4 at the end of this year. Can't be playing the best light gun game ever created with a rubbish gun.

  9. John


    "The two-handed peripheral that houses both the Remote and Nunchuck, handy for the likes of Medal of Honor,, which is ridiculously hard to play with the two controllers held separately."

    I am struggling to get my head around how having a controller in each hand is easier than er.. having a controller in each hand.....

    After having a few sips of tea and wielding both Wii remotes 'testing' this layout I still fail to see how it makes things easier, still its a nice looking addon but a keyboard would be more useful, or a system update to use a normal USB one at least for the browser (very handy)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Surely the best has to be the super blaster for the snes

  11. Connor Garvey

    Helpful ... ?

    It doesn't look easy to hold or handle. You can't rest it on your shoulder because that's where the second controller is. It looks like you have to hold the whole contraption up with one hand reached out to be able to pull the trigger. Then, if you're playing a game like Red Steel that requires you to move the controller and nunchuck to perform actions like throwing grenades, you'll have to detach the controller, do the deed, then re-attach it. How did I ever live without this?

  12. JP

    Don't think it will be intuitive

    Just looking at the design, I feel that the gun will be counter-intuitive to start with. The dominant hand will have to be place forward to hold the Wii-mote, and the trigger will be at the front of the gun, rather than at the back...

    And it just looks really, really uncomfortable/unnatural to use properly. Curious as to how much field testing they had with this...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You can't beat the gun on the Binatone Games Console :-)

  14. b166er

    Work with Plasma/LCD?

    @Steve & Greg - Does the PS099L work with Plasma/LCD screens? If it does, how?

    I'm searching for a light gun that will work with these new TV's, as the timecrisis gun only works with CRT technology.

    Is that Nintendo gun actually a light gun?

  15. Dave Harland

    Pointless nitpick

    The Steyr AUG 9mm isn't an assault rifle. The Steyr AUG chambered for 5.56 NATO is the assault rifle configuration. The 9x19mm version is the Steyr AUG SMG submachine gun. There's also an LMG light machine gun configuration that uses the 5.56 NATO round.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wii remote


    by the looks of it, this nintendo gun is not a custom light gun, but a holster for the regular controler.

    info on which is (as always) here:

  17. Pete "oranges" B.


    I think one is meant to hold this like a stockless riot shotgun or a submachine gun with the stock removed or folded (no actual contact of the gun with the shoulder).

    On a side note, it looks like it would be fairly easy to mod a little tube type or folding wire type stock onto this if you are so inclined.

  18. Jason


    I think it's a good layout, provided you only need the trigger, the joystick and the two buttons on the nunchuck.

    Your right hand (if you're right handed) goes on the fore-grip and is able to operate the trigger button.

    Your left hand (if you're right handed) goes on the back handle. Lower three fingers curled around the handle, thumb on the joystick, the finger next to you're thumb can operate the two button on the nunchuck.

    The nunchuck end *isn't* a stock and so doesn't go against your shoulder, you hold the gun out infront of you a lot like an MP40(where you steady the barrel with your front hand, and your back hand sort of wraps around the gun).

    Think firing from the hip rather than bracing it against your shoulder.

    What more do you need? Trigger, joystick, action 1, action 2. Perfect for a shooter...

  19. Andy Bright

    Lack of keyboard/mouse support

    Afflicts almost every console shooter - and unfortunately it's usually the fault of the game developer, not the console itself.

    Even a PS2 supports a mouse and keyboard through it's USB ports - it's just the games that don't.

    The worst decision ever made was to make Call of Duty 3 console only. Absolutely horrible way of playing a shooter.

    Ok, I'll freely admit I'm not exactly the most dextrous player out there, but surely the lack of keyboard/mouse usability in virtually every console shooter has to rank up there as one of the most stupid omissions ever made.

    If you tell me that the XBox 360 versions of these games do come with keyboard/mouse functionality it just makes the decision to exclude from other versions all the more stupid.

  20. Nigel

    Gun for rushed-motion-control games?

    I'm a huge fan of Wii sports, but a vehemont hater of pretty much every other game going. They must have planned for it to be a flop, no? There would be a few more decent games otherwise.

    Anyway. I've got my PS3 (with very few games). My mate's got a Wii (with 8 games - but actually only Wii sports). I fear Nintendo never realised Wii would be any good outside Japan so they never planned any international-style games. If it ever gets sorted I'll get a Wiii in an instant - I really don't see how a gun controller for monkey ball or (guts churn) Red Steel is any use without the games...

  21. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Sensor bar

    >I'm searching for a light gun that will work with these new TV's, as the timecrisis >gun only works with CRT technology.

    >Is that Nintendo gun actually a light gun?

    This is why the Nintendo Wii uses an infrared sensor bar placed on top or under the TV. It works really well and allows you use shooting games on any TV.

    The sensor bar outputs IR light and the Wiimote uses the light to determine position.

  22. Scott Mckenzie

    It's how you play..

    ..i guess.

    I have a 360 and a Wii and they're totally different, the Wii can't hold a candle to the 360 in graphics and processing power, but it whips it's hide in terms of gameplay... there are plenty of great fun games out there, some which only really grab you for 30 minutes or so, but others, like SSX Blur, Raymans Raving Rabbids etc that you can play for hours and then wonder where the evening went....

    New MarioKart and Mario Galaxy will be stunning aswell, the clips so far i've seen of the latter suggest an instantaneous jump from 2D to 3D for gameplay... it's what sets Nintendo apart, the DS Lite kills the PSP and the Wii is doing the same to other consoles... look at worldwide sales figures - twice as many Wii's sold on average than PS3 AND Xbox 360 combined.

  23. Remy Redert


    First of all, I'd like to link to this article: which shows very nicely the Steyr Aug, so that everyone may compare. It also makes no mention of a 9mm variant, though it does list the SMG barrel. All things it's considered, it's quite possible that it simply uses .223 Remington even with the SMG barrel attached.

    Second of all, practically all firearms in existance have the dominant (generally right) arm placed at the back, to aim the weapon and operate trigger and safeties, with the other hand placed nearer the front of the weapon to support its weight, or under the grip of the weapon in the case of most pistols. This design appears to require that I hold it the wrong way around, right arm outstretched with the trigger (And thus unable to aim with that arm), while the left arm holds the back of it.

  24. Steve Barnes

    Re: Work with Plasma/LCD?

    b166er, unfortunately the PS099L doesn't work with LCD or Plasma. One of the more 'reputable' 3rd party light guns that I've heard of that DOES work with LCD, Plasma, etc, is the "TopGun" lightgun, works on PS2 & XBox. I've never used it personally, but heard good things about it.

    Check it out:

    And you can an additional stand for it too if your screens over 60":

    Have fun! :-D

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